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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

More about Grand View Cemetery

UPDATE OCT. 2nd: This LA news story talks about trying to open Grand View for more hours and days. (Note: I did not delete the other links, but the stories on the Glendale Press site do go offline after 14 days. You can subscribe to their archives, if you wish.)

AUGUST 18th - Grand View Maybe Open for limited visits SOON! Grand View Cemetery maybe open for limited visits starting as soon as Sunday, August 27th. Link to August 17th story.

Here are a couple of new stories about Grand View. The first one concerns the city of Glendale looking into how they can try to open the cemetery for visitors. (LINK)

The second story comes from the mailbag from a local resident who lives by the cemetery and their story about the person who scaled the walls to get inside see their family gravesites. (LINK)

They are also taken in ideas to help come up with a solution to the problem. The fear is, the cemetery could be razed for property development, if no buyer can be found to run the operation.

NOTE: The stories from the newspaper go off line after 14 days. Check Glendale News Press website and search for Grand View Cemetery for the latest article.

(Photo by Linda Wada - Grandview May 2006 - Looking toward the Hollywood Hills)

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