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Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Chicago International Film Festival

The Chicago International Film Festival opens October 4th and runs through October 17th, 2007. This year they plan to have a special tribute to 100 years of film-making in Chicago.
In an article in the Chicago Sun-Times, it gives this question: "Did you know that Charlie Chaplin worked here before he went to Hollywood?"

Well, yes and no, depending what they mean by the question...

Yes, Chaplin did work in Chicago, before going to Hollywood. He worked on the live stage with the London Karno Tour for three years, with visits to Chicago during the years of 1911-1913.

In 1914, Chaplin started working on his Keystone film contract at Edendale, near Los Angeles. After about one year, he signed with Essanay and created his only Chicago produced film, at Essanay, "His New Job."

Right after finishing that film, Chaplin left for Niles, California in mid-January, 1915, and worked on five films in Niles and in the San Francisco bay area. By April, 1915, Chaplin moved to Los Angeles and completed his Essanay contract there.

Chaplin started building his own studio in Hollywood in October of 1917, and finished his USA film career there with "Limelight" in 1952.

The Chicago Festival plans to show a history of Essanay and show Chaplin's two-reel comedy, "His New Job." Tickets for the festival are now available. This year's festival has been dedicated to fame film critic, Roger Ebert. more>

(Note: "Triple Trouble" has scenes from the Chicago's studio, but Chaplin never created that film. Essanay created the film from out-takes from an Essanay film Chaplin never finished while in California called "Life.")

Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Sea Gull book is being TEST PRINTED

After about two years of work, The Sea Gull is off for test printing. While we had a sample printing done last February, this is our first full book test printing. When it is back, we will check for layout adjustments and final corrections, but just hoping things turn out well. More soon...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ken Burns The War

While this is not a silent film, it was an event Edna and Charlie both lived through, as well as many of our readers parents and grandparents, maybe even yourself. While it would have been great to see more stories from different countries, I did find the first night quite good.

Not a doc full of re-created events, but actual film footage, photos and real life stories about WWII. More of the program this week on PBS, so check your listings. (Check for reruns on the weekend too.)

Follow-up: Good program again this evening. Interesting to hear again how fast they built the planes for the war in the US. All the car plants were turned in 'war factories' basically.

During the whole US time in the war (1941-1945) only 139 new cars were built, but one B-25 plane (I believe they said) was turned out at one of the car plants, every 63 minutes. That is one plane with over 1,500,000 parts...

They also continued to follow the Japanese-Americans and how they were sent to prison camps in the US. Very sad chapter, not mentioned in the history books I read in school, which makes it sadder still. (I did learn about it from family members and books not in those schools.)

Oct. 1 - Found Part Five (FUBAR) the best of the series yet, with a variety of gripping stories never fully told before about WWII.

Oct. 2 - Not as gripping of story tonight as Part Five. Fubar has stories rarely told, like the story of the Japanese-Americas fighting for the US. Equally interesting since my mother-in-law had to live in one of those America camps, after being forced to leave her family farm in the central valley of California. Interesting too, the Japanese America family who bought Edna's Lovelock property in the 1940s, didn't have to go to the camps, and ran their Laundry business in Lovelock during the entire war. (Nevada wasn't considered the west coast.)

Oct. 3 - The War is over, but if you don't know anything about WWII, this Ken Burns' series would be an excellent place to learn. This is not the clean version, from the general and leaders point of view, but the real dirty version from the people who actually fought it. My father fought in that war for two and half years, but hardly ever talked about and the schools I attended never talked about it like this series does.

Follow-up: The series is continuing on PBS, as it reruns during the Columbus Day Weekend. Some reviews mention the 'unbalance' telling of the story. Well, there are thousands of stories about this war, some with stories from different sides, which I felt was missing from the first night of this series. But after seeing the whole series (especially part 5), this story was well told, and had stories rarely mentioned, unless you really dig for it. The personal stories made the series and it should go along with other great documentaries on this subject.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Alistair Cooke's Charlie Chaplin film footage planned for Italy

Variety reports, Alistair Cooke's 15-minute film footage of Charlie Chaplin will premiere at Italy's 26th Pordenone Silent Film Festival, October 6-13th, 2007. Shot in 1933 by Cooke on Chaplin's yacht off Catalina Island, this found film was originally part of a series of star interviews created by Cooke for his student work at Yale. More at this Variety link>

Follow-up: In reading some of these later links about this re-discovered Chaplin film, they make it sound like it is a new Chaplin short, which is miss leading. Reading the Variety article, it says interviews Cooke filmed while he was a student.

With it being 1933, guessing this would have been a silent film. Portable sound cameras were later, but need to look that up again. (Most interesting for me, it was the same year The Sea Gull negatives were destroyed.)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

September 25, 2007 - Sea Gull

September 29, 2007 - The Sea Gull is now being test printed! See Sept. 29th post.

September 25, 2007
- We got a bit of extra time again in the evenings and got a lot done on Sea Gull the last three nights. I have a couple of things I am waiting for, and hopefully won't take too long, but back on track again, after a time out getting other personal projects done the last couple of weeks. With freezing mornings everyday now, nice to have all the other projects nearly done. Got some very nice feed back over the weekend from one of our reader helpers, who spotted a few items for correction. I plowed through a lot more the last two days. It is kind of like detailing a car. You have it washed, but working on the shine. More polishing to do, as we finish off for the test printing...

September 22, 2007
- It has been a very busy work week, again, and after work, again, not much time to work on Sea Gull. We had personal projects that needed to get done before winter weather sets in and it has been taking longer than thought.

We still plan to publish this year, so I will post more, when we have more to report. We are creating this book all in our free time, and there hasn't been as much the last couple of weeks.

Thanks for your patience and interest.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Chaplin Library

Dominique has sent over many new additions for the Chaplin Library. I am working on the first update now. Also, I have been working on a new system for the Library. Just need some fixes on it still before I can fully launch it, but I have no idea when that will be at this time.

And don't forget our special Edna Birthday Event Post coming on Friday!
(With so many worldwide visitors to Edna's site and Friday coming long before it hits the states, I am looking at a time so the post will be up for morning breakfast in some parts of the world. So sometime late tomorrow.)

Chaplin Article at American Heritage

It was this time of the year when Chaplin was on sail with his family to London in 1952 and found out he was no longer welcome to return to America, after getting the proper papers to do so. Here is an article about Charlie Chaplin being banned from America from former American Heritage editor Christine Gibson. more>

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Update and New Brief Glimpse for Sept. 16th

The last eleven days, or so, my free time after work has been turned to doing some much needed home projects before winter season comes. Also, my husband Wes, has been away on a business trip that took time away from his part in Sea Gull (layout design and helping with editing).

I had a few of our reader panel helping with editing during this period and I have been reading it myself late in the evening. But today, I need to finish up on more projects, so decided to create a quick new Brief Glimpse for our loyal Sea Gull watchers!

On Friday, I will be making a special post about out Edna Purviance birthday event. So hope you will stop back by for that. I will say, this one thing we are doing, we be a one time deal. Thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Edna Purviance - October 21 Birthday Event

On September 21, 2007, I plan to make an announcement at Edna's Place and Edna's Home Site of a special event for Edna Purviance's Birthday on October 21, 2007.

Details on September 21, 2007! BE HERE!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Edna Purviance's Birthday

Well, I have been off-line awhile working on personal and business stuff, but thought I let you know we have something in the works for Edna's birthday! Details coming soon...

Friday, September 07, 2007

Little Update on SG

The Sea Gull is in proofreading stage as we finish the final bits of layout. I have a small panel helping. I know it seems like along time, but in general getting close to test printing it. Stay tune...

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Rink at St. Andrew's Hall, Norwich UK

September 22, 2007 - 7:30pm - St. Andrew's Hall - Norwich, England
A classic film night of music is planned by the Norwich Pops Orchestra, which will include a showing of Charlie Chaplin's The Rink, co-starring Edna Purviance. Also playing is excerpts from the play Mack and Mabel. Tickets are available now.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Daytime Barber, Nighttime Tramp

Al Proietti, from Castro Valley in California, enjoys keeping the spirit of Charlie Chaplin alive. He has impersonated Chaplin for many years, from Niles, California to Taiwan. You can learn more about him from this link from the Oroville news site. more>

PS - A little fact checking... The site lists Chaplin as 5' feet 4" inches tall. In other reports, he is listed at 5' feet 6" inches, which matches more to Edna. Edna is officially listed at 5' feet 4" inches tall. If you look closely at the films you will see Edna is shorter than Charlie, especially when she doesn't wear a high heel.

In other books, Charlie has been reported to weight in at about 115 pounds about the time of the later Mutual films. In the film The Adventurer, one can easily see how lean he was at that time, as he swims in the ocean and saves Edna.

The site also has listed Chaplin appeared as the tramp the first time in 1917, which is not correct. Chaplin's tramp character first appeared with Keystone's Kid Auto Races in early 1914.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Updates for our Sea Gull readers

While I will have continued updates here at Edna's Place, I have changed The Sea Gull link on Edna's Place so you can find all the latest updates on the project on our Sea Gull page at Edna's home site. more>

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Academy to stop sale of Mary Pickford Oscars

The Academy of Motion Pictures has filed a suit to try to stop the sale of two Oscars once given to silent film star, Mary Pickford. The first one in 1930 for Best Actress and her 1975 Honorary Oscar.

Pickford was one of the original founders of the Academy and played an important role in its history.

In 1950, the Academy created a law that they would have first right to buy any Oscar place on market for $10 each. This was their way to keep the Oscars from being cheapen by selling them. The heirs of Mary's family want to sale the Oscars now, and even wanted $500,000 for just one of them.

Link to more>

Chaplin on TCM

Turner Classic Movies has two Chaplin films on schedule for September. Modern Times on September 10th and The Great Dictator, Sept. 22nd. Check our Chaplin on TCM link for more...