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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Historian Annette Lloyd talks about Harold Lloyd

Film historian Annette Lloyd gives a lively show about Harold Lloyd on The Definitive Cinematic Retrospective. I was out of town for the live show, but the download is over 70 minutes.

If you are interested in Harold Lloyd and silent films in general, you will enjoy Annette's very informative talk on Lloyd. The show is hosted by Cohen Phillips. You can find the program at this link under archived segments: show #14 - May 18, 2007.

Also check out Annette's site on Harold Lloyd. Definitive is live Thursday evenings 11PM eastern on BlogTalkRadio.

New US laws on the resale of mechandise

At times I like to post other items of interest like these I learned about on NPR.

Like many people, I do like to buy used merchandise, like a Chaplin Music CD that is totally out of print. It is the only way you can get many items, but Florida and Utah recently passed laws restricting the sale of used items.

It is intended to crack down on stolen goods, but instead could place small legally ran resale shops out of business. Other states are considering to pass the same laws, so do take a listen to All Things Considered May 29th, 2007 report called Used-CD Shops Criticize Resale Laws.

Internet Radio fight higher per play Fees
A related story about the planned increase in royalties to music companies. While some can survive like LastFM, which was bought by CBS, others could be out of business due to the higher cost per song. Here is a report from Morning Edition, May 28th, 2007: Music Sites Higher Royalty Fees.

Few Notes...

We hope everyone had a pleasant Memorial Day and Bank Holiday. As for us, we finally have all the manuscripts back on The Sea Gull. I will be working on it in the coming weeks, as we head into final production.

In other news, two Chaplin related events this week in the Los Angeles area. Both events on June 2nd, 2007. The Pilgrim will be shown at the 18th Annual Silent Film Gala. Check this link for more details. And at the Avalon Theatre on Catalina Island, Charlie Chaplin and Clara Bow will be spotlighted at their 20th Silent Film Benefit. Click this link for their details.

June 1st is the start of Chaplin in Pictures at Sala Bora in Bologna, Italy. The photo exhibit is on display until October 30th, 2007. This is part of the 30th Anniversary since Chaplin's death, (which includes a special showing of all of Chaplin films available during the months of June and July). We have several links about this event (see links to the right). more>

The Chaplin Archives are also updating their web site and will be back online very soon with even more information on Chaplin.

Check the Silent Film Festivals and Events link for more Chaplin and/or silent film related events. More to come, as work on The Sea Gull is now back on track... Thanks for your continued support.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day - Jackie Coogan in WWII film

Ancestry has just launched the US Military Collection with over 90 million records covering all the wars from Vietnam to earlier conflicts. The new section also contains over 260 newsreels from World War II. One of these reels by UNITED NEWS is called "Everybody Joins US War Effort" which contains footage of Jackie Coogan, Charlie Chaplin's star in The Kid.

Many other stars can be seen in this film including Clark Gable, James Cagney, Heddy Lamar, Greer Garson, James Stewart and many more.

If you are not an Ancestry member, you can view these films for FREE until June 6th, 2007, by signing-up for a free membership. If you have been a member in the past, just use your former password and user name. (Note: Due to heavy traffic, it can be a bit slow at times.)

The Pilgrim Los Angeles June 2, 2007

18th Annual Silent Film Gala - Hosted by Dustin Hoffman
The Pilgrim
, starring Charlie Chaplin, Edna Purviance and Sydney Chaplin, will play at the Royce Hall in Westwood, California (UCLA live performance venue) Saturday, June 2, 2007. It will be accompanied with live music from The Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra conducted by Timothy Brock. Also playing is Buster Keaton in Sherlock Jr.

Showing begins at 8PM. more> Additional information. more>
See this link for more Chaplin related events... more>

Sunday, May 27, 2007

First time Grand View closed for Memorial Weekend

While the court case continues, the limited visiting hours continue too. This was the first Memorial Day weekend Grand View Memorial Park has been closed since it opened over 120 years ago. The Park will be open June 3 and June 17th. The city of Glendale will decide future visiting hours on May 29th, 2007.

Meanwhile, Lisa Burks reports the grass is dry due to no water and the trees are dying too. This being a record-breaking drought year in southern California has added to the problem.

Fire danger on the property is high. Since this park is in a neighborhood filled with homes, that alone should start some movement in watering the property. If nothing else, clear the worst of the dry grass and watering the trees to help keep them from become fire fuel.

More news on Grand View as it develops. Here is the link to Lisa's latest report: Lisa's May 25 report>

Update: May 30th report about the current conditions at Grand View. more>

(Currently no new developments about Edna at Grand View.)

Friday, May 25, 2007

Broncho Billy Silent Film Festival - Fremont, CA

June 29, 30 and July 1, 2007 - Fremont, California (Niles) - 10th Annual Broncho Billy Silent Film Festival. Celebrating Essanay Films 100th year. Tickets for the event available. They do recommend to book early for film events. Click here for more information...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Charlie Chaplin in Bank of America commercial

I was out all morning, came back and was having a bit of lunch, when I saw Charlie Chaplin in a commercial for Bank of America. It was the scene of Chaplin on the rooftops from The Kid. Personally, I was disappointed to see it. I love that scene, and that commercial cheapened the scene for me...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Charlie Chaplin Mutual Films: Cadogan Hall, London

August 15-18 2007
- Cadogan Hall - London, England - For the first time, all twelve of Charlie Chaplin's Mutual Films with Carl Davis scores will be shown at Cadogan Hall in London. This includes the eleven films Edna Purviance co-starred. Carl Davis will be the conductor for the event with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Tickets are now available.

"This will be the first ever opportunity to see all of the restored and remastered Mutuals along with scores composed and conducted by Carl Davis." - Cadogan Hall, London

Michael Chaplin will introduce the event at Cadogan:

"Michael, who will be in London later this month to introduce a Chaplin season at Cadogan Hall, with Carl Davis conducting the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra...

(He also) says: "Claire (Bloom) is the only survivor from any of my father's films. Limelight was a tribute to my mother Oona, and Claire bore a startling resemblance to her as a young girl." - Daily Mail

Oops?...well, I do wonder where this places Sophia Loren. She starred in 'A Countess from Hong Kong' which Charlie Chaplin directed and she is still alive, and at a film festival recently...

Edna Purviance Walk of Fame Drive - Update

I received a message from Mahendra Prasad, founder of the Edna Purviance Walk of Fame Drive. The group plans to continue the drive until Edna receives 1000 signatures.

Edna is nearing 400 signatures now, so if you haven't signed, or know of a fan who can help, please sign today! Many thanks to all who have signed, so far...

(Also see links to the right)

Question for you...

Here is the answer to last Wednesday's question:
What family has a connection to Charlie Chaplin, Monterey and Lovelock, Nevada?

The Crocker Family.

Charles Crocker was one of the principal investors who created the Central Pacific Railroad and built the first rail line from California to Utah. (The western link of the transcontinental railway. First rail line across the USA.)

Charles Crocker once owned the land Edna's Lovelock family home and business stood.

Charles Crocker also owned land in the Monterey area and built the Del Monte Hotel, once favored by many stars of Chaplin's day.

One of Charles Crocker grandsons is Harry Crocker. Harry worked with Charlie Chaplin about 1925 until 1952. His most remembered film role was the tightrope walker in The Circus.

We will have more about the Crockers in the coming book The Sea Gull.

With Bank Holiday and Memorial Day weekend coming up, I will have a new question next week. Have an enjoyable Holiday Weekend!

Charlie Chaplin Goes Bollywood

A low budget Bhojpuri film (version) planned about Chaplin. more>

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Toraichi Kono - Living in Silence

"Living in Silence: Toraichi Kono" The untold story of the man who was personal valet and confidant to Charlie Chaplin, before facing charges of espionage on the eve of World War II. - Director, Philip Chung: Producers, Clyde Kusatsu, Timothy Lounibos and Nancy Yuen

Seeing some photos of Toraichi Kono in the Hill collection, I decided to place together some links about the documentary 'Living in Silence' about Kono (Chaplin's valet). Kono worked with Chaplin through the Mutual Film period to Modern Times.

Edna Purviance knew Kono, as did Edna's nephew Morgan Hill. It was Paulette Goddard who put an end to Kono's work with Chaplin. You can learn more at these links and by visiting Philip Chung's MySpace page.

The Silent Treatment of Toraichi Kono, by Keith Kamisugi
The Search of Toraichi Kono, by Philip W. Chung

Living in Silence: Toraichi Kono, at MySpace (visit their page to learn more about the project)

Sample of Philip Chung's video: Living In Silence: Toraichi Kono

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Robert Osborne scheduled guest Radio 30

Enjoyable interview with Robert Osborne (Turner Classic Movies) on ICONS Radio 30. more>

(note: I had a Saturday post about the LA Theaters but the link was up for a limited time. I couldn't find the video this morning so removed the entry.)

Friday, May 18, 2007

Kevin Brownlow at San Francisco Film Festival

In case you missed it, Kevin Brownlow at the San Francisco International Film Festival 2007. See this link for more videos from the event... more>

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Silent Film Channel by Joost's Internet TV

..."the Silent Movies channel, with Charlie Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy, and Buster Keaton was cool." - PC World

PC World has an article about the internet TV channel called Joost's which includes a Silent Movies Channel. They are still working on the site, so I couldn't really see it, but you can read about it here. more>

May 19th update: Site is available to view. Silent Movie Channel is listed as available Worldwide. Link to Joost's TV

Question for you...

Here is the answer to last Wednesday's question:
Who worked in a film with Edna Purviance and Douglas Fairbanks?
Eve Sothern (better known as Eve Southern today).

Eve's birth name was Eve McDonald, until D.W. Griffith changed it to Sothern. Because of Eve's southern accent, Griffith pronounced her new name as 'Southern'.

Over the years, writers started to spell it as Southern instead of Sothern, so both last names have been used.

Eve co-starred with Edna Purviance in 'A Woman of the Sea' (also known as 'The Sea Gull') and played with Douglas Fairbanks in 'The Gaucho'. There will be more about Eve in our upcoming book 'The Sea Gull'.

Now here is our new question for you:
What family has a connection to Charlie Chaplin, Monterey and Lovelock, Nevada?

Monday, May 14, 2007

Creating Music and Asians on Screen

Just a couple of things I found of interest over the weekend. First on PBS, the documentary "The Slanted Screen". This one hour documentary covers Asians on screen today, including Sessue Hayakawa silent film career.

Interest to Edna Purviance fans: Edna had a strong interest in Oriental culture and her Hollywood home was full of treasures from Japan and China. Oriental art was all the rage during the early part of the 20th century. Many pieces are in her family's collection today.

Edna would have been introduced to Oriental culture during her childhood trips to San Francisco. The city has a size able Asian population beginning with the first California gold rush, circa 1849. During this time, life was good, but as the population grew and areas became states, the promise of a better life turned to dust - digging out gold and silver mines and tunnels for the railroads. Descendants of these early laborers still live today in western towns.

Also, on Edna's first sailing to Hawaii in 1917 with Charlie Chaplin and Rob Wagner, she fell in love with Hawaiian Culture. Edna didn't want to return to Hollywood. There are photos in the family collection of the trip to be shared in the future.

Now the second item is from my personal interest file in music. NPR had a report today about how 'want to be' musicians are now able to create music with anyone in the world. With web sites like Jamglue and eJamming, you can create music with others from your own computer. Check out the NPR report for links.

Also: The US has new postal rates today. Costs have increased on packages and mailing internationally. Here is the list of rates from the US postal service.

Travel Thought...
Just a thought if you plan a trip to the UK this summer. I was reminded of this upon reading about an experience recently of an America getting upset at a public place about the prices in the UK. Face it, the dollar is not worth much in the UK, as the value of the dollar has dropped in the last few years.

Just remember to be polite to your host, except the cost, plan carefully, and enjoy the experience. It is a wonderful country to visit, just be aware. Want to save some money? Go in the off season, it does help...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Stolen Moments Ramon Novarro, the other Latin lover

Donna Hill has her latest podcast up featuring Ramon Novarro, The Other Latin Lover... more>

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Leila Hyams petition drive for films release to DVD

Gary Sweeney at Midnight Palace started a petition drive to get Leila Hyams films released onto DVD. You can learn more about Leila Hyams at Gary's official web site more>. Also, here is the link to the petition drive.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Charlie Chaplin camera to be auctioned

While waiting for one more manuscript of The Sea Gull to return, a bit of Chaplin news off the web.
One of the Bell & Howell 2709 cameras Chaplin used at his studio will be up for auction at Christie's in London July 25th, 2007. The camera was used for many films, including The Kid and The Gold Rush. more>

Here is an article by Kevin Brownlow that mentions the Bell & Howell 2709 as a standard camera of its day. more>

I was hoping the Christie's site would have more details on the camera, but I found this image from AP on this site of the camera: more>

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Grand View will be open Mother's Day

The Glendale City council decided to open Grand View Memorial Park one extra day this month by having the cemetery open this coming Sunday for Mother's Day. more>

Update May 14, 2007 - Remembering loved ones at Grand View on Mother's Day. more>

Please note, these stories posted at the Glendale News web site are only up for 14 days for free...

Question for you...

Here is the answer to last Wednesday's question:
Who was the first person to use the word 'documentary' in an article?
John Grierson. He is credited for coining the word 'documentary' for the first time in an article about Robert Flaherty's film 'Moana' in 1926. But we have learned another man looks to have used the word in a much earlier publication. His name is Charles Urban. Check out comments for more.

Now a new question for you... (answer next week)
Who worked in a film with Edna Purviance and Douglas Fairbanks?

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Charlie Chaplin Book Publisher List

As work continues on the new updated Chaplin Library, I also created a new listing called Charlie Chaplin Book Publishers. This listing is being created from the books in the Dominique Dugros Chaplin collection. This listing shows countries with links to publishers web sites.

More publishers will be added as more books are entered into the library, but it is now available to view. Also check out the bottom of the listing as more 'helpful links' will be added. more>

Friday, May 04, 2007

Hepburn Family brought into Grand View lawsuit

The Glendale News reports today that the Hepburn family have been brought into the lawsuit against Grand View Cemetery. The Hepburn's were the former owners of Grand View before the late Marsha Lee Howard bought it in the early 1990s. The Hepburn's were the owners from 1929-1990.

In fact, it was the Hepburn's who owned the cemetery when Edna Purviance's sister Myrtle interred Edna at Grand View in February 1958 (nearly a full month after Edna's funeral at Forest Lawn). Edna's records does show the name of one of the Hepburn family members during the transfer from Forest Lawn to Grand View.

The next 'status conference' on this case is scheduled for June 4th, 2007. Lisa Burks does write behind the scenes stories on Grand View, as well. See links to right under GRAND VIEW.

Glendale Article (available to read for 14 days from today 05/04)
(May 22, 2007 - Glendale Article is no longer available for free.)

May 30, 2007 - With no watering on the grounds for nearly a year, trees are dying and grass is dead at Grand View. more>

See our LABEL LINKS to the right under Grand View for the latest.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Few Edna Updates...

While still waiting for a few manuscripts to return, I have been spending a few evenings doing a few updates here and on Edna's site.

On this site, I have been working on the links section (see the right hand side). On Edna's site, I did more updating on the Silent Film Event page, more work on the Chaplin Library (as the whole library is currently being updated - more on that later), general updates and corrections throughout the site, and placed up a new Brief Glimpse.

Now just a few notes: We like to send our best wishes to Elaine Pommerening. She produced the Lovelock Walking Tour Brochure two years ago. Our best wishes to a couple of loyal Edna fans, who have been 'under the weather' recently, and hope they are much better soon! And thanks to the latest supporters to The Sea Gull project. Getting much closer to the final printed book now, but still much to do.

Speaking of books, while author Miranda Seymour said she plans a book on Virginia Cherrill, a future Chaplin book is being worked on by Dr. Lisa Stein. It is about Sydney Chaplin, Charlie Chaplin's brother.

On Grand View, there is a scheduled court hearing this week (should be today - see May 4th, 2007 post for the latest). Lisa Burks does have a behind the scenes report on her blog about the first disinterment at Grand View. No news to report about Edna at Grand View, at this time.

Finally a thanks to all the visitors to Edna's site in April. It made for another record breaking month. More to come in the following weeks, so stay tuned. Thanks very much for visiting and for some of our visitors, have an enjoyable Bank Holiday Weekend!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Question for you...

Who was the first person to use the word 'documentary' in an article?
Answer next week...