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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Movie and Question for the Week

On November 13th, 1916, Charlie Chaplin released 'Behind the Screen' for Mutual Films. It was his seventh film for the company. Chaplin spoofs his old studio, Keystone, while Edna tries to get a job, not dressed as her beautiful self, but as one of the guys, in this fun film about movie making in Chaplin's day.

Which brings me to my question, 'What other film did Edna dress as a man?' Happy Viewing and Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 28, 2005

TCM November Schedule

If you get the TCM schedule each month by email, you may noticed it came a bit scrambled this time with double entries and movies placed between other films, like for the entry near Chaplin's Modern Times film showings in November. Just check TCM's online November schedule for the correct listing. (remember, TCM schedule can change without notice.)

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Search for Charlie Chaplin

Kevin Brownlow's book, 'The Search for Charlie Chaplin' is available at a couple of online locations. I have been in contact with a few people who ordered from both sources and received their items, but I have not ordered personally from them. Both sources are in Italy, where the book was produced and release July 2005. You can order through Le Mani (details at chaplin.com). The other source is libreiauniversitaria.it.

If ordering from the states or Canada, do expect it to take sometime and figure in the exchange rate for the full cost. No word when this book will be available in America or the UK for those who like to wait. See this review from Chaplin fan Rainer Mann about the book. Rainer writes on a forum at comedyclassic.org.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

UK Fans-Unknown Chaplin DVD

For a few months I heard BFI was going to release Kevin Brownlow and David Gill's the 'UNKNOWN CHAPLIN' on DVD in the UK. On the charliechaplin.com site they mention BFI is planning the release in the future. (Thanks, Nancy for the info!) The US/Canada version will be released this November. More information at USA Chaplin DVD.

Also for UK fans, check this link for a bit more information on the Mutual Films Volume 2 release in November. It is available through the Chaplin UK DVD Guide.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Hollywood Portrait Photography

When buying old photos, it is good to know more about them, especially if they have a photo studio name stamped on them. Having such a photo, I found this web page with an introduction to Hollywood Portrait Photography by David Shields. It lists some of the more known early day studios and photographers and the styles they were known for. It has a check list of the more noticed Hollywood photographers and studios in the field and a small sampling of photos from Shields personal collection. If you are into collecting classic film star photos, a place to get an idea about some of the more important studios of the day.

Link to Hollywood Portrait Photography by David Shields

Friday, October 21, 2005

Question for the Day - October 21th

First off, today is Edna's 110th birthday, so Happy Birthday is in order! She was born on October 21, 1895, in Paradise Valley, Nevada. Since it is her birthday, I thought it was time for a new question for the day. The new question for October 21th, is 'When did you first notice Edna?'

Hope to see some responses to the new question. I also like to still continue the last question before it goes off the first page and in the archives, 'What is your favorite Edna Purviance and Charlie Chaplin film and why it is your favorite?'

If you like to see all the pages posted for the month, just click on the October Archives. I like to thank all of you who have responsed so far and thank you for visiting Edna's Place!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Chaplin Music and Updating

I have been updating the Chaplin Music CD guide and will be continuing to update in the coming weeks. This includes some minor updates on the Smile page, as well. I have also been updating other pages on Edna's as the site gets ready for its 5th year on the web.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

UK FANS - Mutual Film Vol. 2

As I have mentioned here and on Edna's site, the Mutual Film Volume 2 DVD is finally being released in the UK this November. Check out Garen Ewing's The Charlie Chaplin UK DVD and Video Guide for more information.

US & CANADIAN FANS - Charlie Chaplin: Forgotten Years (2003) is finally available. See this link to CHAPLIN DVD US GUIDE for more information.

Update: The buy buttons are down, but we know Garen is very busy with creating books. I will keep all the links in place during this busy time.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Film for the Week of October 17th

On October 20th, 1918, 'Shoulder Arms' was released. It was Chaplin's second film for First National Films. Chaplin almost didn't release it, thinking it was not good enough, but his good friend, Douglas Fairbanks, laughed so hard after seeing a preview, Chaplin was inspired to release it. It became a very successful film and favorite with GI's.

Edna plays a french girl who is caught up in the fighting in France during WWI. Edna's Purviance Family roots happen to be french.
It is my Charlie and Edna's film for the week!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Variety's All-Time Top 100 Poll

Charlie Chaplin was named in the Top 10 of Variety's 100 Top Entertainment Icons List. Beatles were listed #1. List was created for Variety's 1ooth birthday celebration.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Charlie and Edna on TCM

Turner Classic Movies next film showing of Charlie and Edna will be 'The Kid' on TCM's Silent Sunday Nights, December 18, 2005. Times 12 Midnight eastern and 9PM pacific.

Three more Chaplin films will be on TCM starting in October:
'Monsieur Verdoux', early Sunday morning, October 23, 2005, 3AM Eastern, and a double bill on November 19th: 'Modern Times', 3:45 AM eastern, followed by 'Chaplin Today: Modern Times', 5:15 AM eastern.

Check Edna's Chaplin on TCM link for the latest showings.
Always check TCM schedule for changes.

Friday, October 07, 2005

London and Italy Tour

In July, I had the honor of traveling to Europe with Edna's great grand niece, Lita Hill. I have two reports on ednapurviance.org about our visit in Bologna, Italy seeing the newly restored 'A Woman of Paris' and our London visit seeing the Edna Purviance Collection at BFI.

We hope you might enjoy the 'tour with us'.

Italy Tour and Woman of Paris Film Event:

London Tour and Edna Purviance Collection: Re-visted at BFI:

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Film for the Week

'A Woman of Paris' opened in New York City on October 1, 1923. If you have not seen this film or not watched it recently, it is a good time to see it. Edna Purviance did star in the film, but did not go to the opening. Charlie Chaplin did, and it received great reviews. It was Chaplin's first film he did not star in, but he did direct.

Little extra: For visitors who have seen it, do you have a favorite scene?

Follow up: While some books list Edna at the New York opening in October 1923, I have uncovered evidence she was not at that opening in New York. It is part of the reason behind writing a book on Edna to find out and to untangle lots of information on Edna that has been written over the years. What is true and what is not, I am still researching...

Question for the Day

Hopefully we will get a few comments on this one:
What is your favorite Edna Purviance and Charlie Chaplin film and why is it your favorite?

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Comment Section

I decided to include a comment selection to Edna's Blog. Because of the issue of people spamming comment pages, I do require that you register with Blogger with your own user name and password.

It is a very simple form. Just click on COMMENT below for more details.

Once registered, anytime you want to COMMENT, just click on COMMENT, a separate page will appear and you fill in the proper box and special code.

I will be checking this page and hopefully, will be able to continue the comment section.

Unknown Chaplin DVD

As you may already know, and I reported on Edna's site this summer, Kevin Brownlow and David Gill's the 'Unknown Chaplin' series, has been released on DVD.

The first version of the DVD is available in Italy, as part of the book 'The Search for Charlie Chaplin' by Kevin Brownlow.
At the moment, the English/Italy book is only available in Italy.

The English version of the Unknown Series DVD will be released November 29, 2005 in the USA and in Canada.

More Chaplin film news: I have word from BFI the 'Chaplin Mutual Volume 2' will finally be released in the UK on November 28th.

For more information about Chaplin film collections in the UK see 'The Charlie Chaplin UK DVD and Video Guide'.

For more on Brownlow's book and North America DVD release, see Edna's site (links to the right).

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Picture Palaces and Organs

Welcome to Edna's Place!
After much thought, and several starts and stops, I am on my third blog program to see how this one will work until I have time to learn PHP.

This blog will be for updates for Edna's site, and latest related news and information, plus an opportunity to chat about my personal interests.

Today, I am opening with a piece I recently started on LiveJournal about the places where Edna and Charlie's films played.

In the early days, movie theatres could be rather plain places, being little more than store fronts, in some cases. Movies were not considered good enough for the regular theatre. But during the late 1910's and 1920's picture palaces were all the rage! Built with movies in mind, they became the show place in many towns and cities around the world. While live orchestras were used for more important films, specially built pipe organs were the main provider of music in all picture palaces.

It get an idea what some of these places looked like, here is a link to the American Theatre Organ Society website. These feature photos and articles about the organs and theatres located in the US, with some added articles of interest on that era.