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June 6, 2018 - Re-editing Edna Purviance's family biography 2nd Draft. Photo: Leading Ladies © used by ednapurviance.org

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sorry, again, for the low post. Just spending my afterwork hours on research and writing for Edna's family bio. Just takes a great deal of time. Meanwhile, thanks for the new Sea Gull orders the last few weeks!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


starring Lillian Gish
September 18, 2012 - 7:30 PM
Cinema Arts Centra
Huntington, New York

The Wind is one of cinema’s great masterpieces. The lovely Lillian Gish gives her finest performance ever as the young Virginian innocent who travels West to stay with relatives on the Texan prairie, only to be pushed into a harsh, unwanted marriage, and to find herself immersed in a maelstrom of rape, murder and madness.

Swedish émigré Victor Sjöström directs with immaculate attention to psychological detail, while making perfectly credible the film’s transition from low-key naturalistic comedy of manners to full-blown hysterical melodrama. Sjöström, who was one of the key figures in Swedish film in the 1920s, and made a number of classic films during his time in Hollywood, including  He Who Gets Slapped (1924) with Lon Chaney, and The Divine Woman (1928) with Greta Garbo, but he was eventually just as successful as an actor. His performance in Ingmar Bergman‘s 1957 classic, Wild Strawberries as the dying old man is generally considered his greatest role.

Filmed under extremely difficult conditions on location in the Mojave desert, the film’s climactic sandstorm sequence has to be seen to be believed, although the entire film – erotic, beautiful, astonishing – demonstrates such imagination and assurance that it remains, over 80 years after it was made, completely modern.

“One of the masterpieces of the silent cinema and Sjöström’s best American film… Exteriors were shot in the blistering hot Mojave Desert, and so penetrating is the atmosphere that one can almost feel the wind oneself and taste the endless dust.” – Georges Sadoul

Louise Brooks said: ‘They were made for each other – Sjöström and Gish – like the perfume and the rose’ – and yet she had never heard of The Wind until 1956, so little did MGM promote it. It remains one of the greatest silent films – and one of our great movies. — David Thomson, A Biographical Dictionary of Film

“A silent masterpiece. Sjöström finds a perfect image for Gish’s frustration and discontent in the prairie wind of the title. His strange and effective style might be best described as pastoral expressionism.” – Dave Kehr, Chicago Reader

With music by Ben Model
Ben Model is one of the USA’s leading silent film accompanists, and has been playing piano and organ for silents at the Museum of Modern Art in New York for the past 27 years. Ben co-curated MoMA’s “Cruel and Unusual Comedy” series and Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle retrospective, and also curated Shout!Factory’s new “Ernie Kovacs Collection” DVD box set. A five-time recipient of the Meet The Composer grant, Ben is a regular accompanist at classic film festivals around the U.S.A. and in Norway, and performs at universities, museums, and historic theaters.

Ben is the producer and co-founder of The Silent Clowns Film Series, now in its 14th season in NYC. Ben’s recorded scores can be heard on numerous DVD releases from Kino Video and others. Ben’s composed ensemble scores for films by Chaplin, Keaton and Lloyd are performed around the U.S. every year by orchestras and by concert bands.



September 29, 2012
Forest Row Film Society Presents
Buster Keaton with composer Terry Davies

One Week and The Scarecrow

Freshfield Hall, Village Hall
Forest Row, England
1 PM to 2:15 PM



Special Note!
Our favorite comic book artist and The Rainbow Orchid creator, Garen Ewing, will be having two special Graphic Novel workshops before this silent film event at the Forest Row Festival. Perfect time to bring the children to learn to create a comic on paper from a master creator, and watch a master silent film star on film.  Check this link for full DETAILS

Saturday, September 01, 2012

TCM ad spot for Mack Sennett's Thursdays

Every Thursday night in September, TCM will be showing 87 films by Mack Sennett, that included Mabel and Charlie. Here's the current TV spot: