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June 6, 2018 - Re-editing Edna Purviance's family biography 2nd Draft. Photo: Leading Ladies © used by ednapurviance.org

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Lisa Burks - Edna Purviance Grandview article

Los Angeles writer, Lisa Burks, who has been writing about Grand View Memorial this pass year, just posted her story about Edna Purviance at Grand View.

It is true that we like to move Edna out of Grand View. It would be most fitting if we can return Edna back to the place she originally wanted to be, Forest Lawn. I have received some information on this and will be looking into this matter.

We like to thank you (our readers) for you continued interest. Lisa will be continuing to write about Grand View in the coming year. Lisa's blog link is under Edna's Place links. We like to extend our special thanks to Lisa for all her work. Edna's Place will continue to update on Grand View in 2007.

Friday, December 29, 2006

What president did Chaplin picture in his films?

We hope your New Year holiday weekend starts off well! When I first started Edna's Place I use to place a question of the day. So to stay on the president theme I started in the last posting:

'Do you remember what US President was pictured in the background in a few of Chaplin's films?'

As before you can post in the comments or email.
Happy New Year Everyone!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Day I met former President Gerald Ford

Photo by Linda (Wada) February 1977 - Bob Hope Classic
It seems not to fail that well-known people pass during the holiday season. Singer James Brown joins Charlie Chaplin for passing away on Christmas Day.

This evening, I read the BBC news and saw that former president Gerald Ford passed away at the age of 93. I remember meeting Gerald Ford just after he left office in 1977.

My father took us to see the Bob Hope Golf Classic in Palm Springs, California in February 1977. Oddly enough, I spent part of this Christmas cleaning a storage area that had items from Christmases past, and one of the items was the program from that Hope Classic. It has a few autographs tucked away inside I gathered that day on the course.

During that February day we got to walk with the 'stars of the day' like Bob Hope, Sammy Davis Jr, Andy Williams, golf-pro Arnold Palmer, Flip Wilson, Lawrence Welk, and many more.

At one point, I walked up to a fairly tall man standing next to the ropes wearing a blue shirt and white pants. I didn't know who he was at first, but as he turned his head I could see it was Mr. Ford. Well, it is not everyday you can stand by a former president of the United States and not have anyone else around. So without really thinking about it, I tapped Mr. Ford on the shoulder. He turned around.

Mr. Ford was very nice and as we exchanged names, he shook my hand. We talked for a little bit when he was called away to take his next shot in the game. Later, I took the photo seen here on top with Mr. Ford in the crowd. I didn't vote for Mr. Ford in November 1976 (my first election), but again, it is not everyday you meet a president. In later years, both former presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter became good friends.

Gerald Ford was the longest living president at age 93. He became president after Mr. Nixon resigned over the Watergate scandal. Mr. Ford is not the only president I have seen in person. I got to photograph Ronald Reagan for a photo shoot at a college I was working for in the mid-80s.

Happy New Year!

We hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

Looking forward to 2007 with news to bring and our first book.

More to come...

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

THE SEA GULL - WIN A COPY - featuring Edna Purviance & Charlie Chaplin

Have a chance to WIN a copy of the upcoming book "The Sea Gull" (A Woman of the Sea). Sign up for our FIRST TO KNOW the release date list. We will place your name in a special drawing to win a copy of this first ever book about Edna Purviance and the lost Charlie Chaplin production, 'A Woman of the Sea', directed by Josef von Sternberg.
Open to Edna Purviance and Charlie Chaplin fans WORLDWIDE! See this LINK for full details!

You should receive an email back within 24 hours after we get your entry.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Hommage A Charlot - French Tribute to Charlie Chaplin

Dominique Dugros just sent this very fun link showing a French dancer impersonating Charlie Chaplin. And very well, I must say! So for our French readers, the following:

Hommage A Charlot - Charlie Chaplin sur roller
"Charlot sur des patins ? Bien sûr ! Je n'ai rien inventé... Chaplin, très bon patineur, réalisa en 1916. "Charlot patine", puis fit récidiver son personnage dans "Les temps modernes" (1936), dans cette inoubliable scène de gardien de nuit au grand magasin... La prestation est une évocation du personnage, de ses comportements et de ses émotions avec, à l'appui, quelques clins d'oeil à des scènes mythiques de Charlot."

To see the video available through YouTube, just click on this link HOMMAGE A CHARLOT. Than click on the YouTube video image on the bottom of the page. I found it best to let the video fully load and than watch it again. Video is about three minutes.

Special thanks to Dominique...
Also here is the FRENCH LINK to the Edna video shared earlier:
New Brief Glimpse - Happy New Year!

Update December 31, 2006: I hope you enjoyed our special holiday message at Brief Glimpse. I placed a brand new special Brief Glimpse to start the new year!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Some Water Back to the Owens Valley

"There it is... it's yours!" were the words said this week in the Owens Valley as gates were open to send water down the Owens River once more.

In our Hollywood Cinecon Report I touched upon the water issues in Los Angeles County and how The Owens Valley had their water taken for LA County use in 1913. Yesterday, a bit of that water has been 'returned' to the Owens Valley after decades of legal battles.

It's not going to return the Owens Valley back to pre-1913 era, when the water was 'aqueduct' away to LA, but will bring life back to a river long dried up. The residents can watch a rebirth of a river.

You can listen to the story at National Public Radio. Having been to the Owens Valley and Lone Pine area a few times, it was very welcome news to wake up too.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Slapstick 2007 - January 11-14 Bristrol, UK

January 11-14, 2007
- Bristol, UK - It is time to mark your calendar for Slapstick 2007 in Bristol! This year's event features guest Paul Merton (known for his successful BBC TV series 'Paul Merton's Silent Clowns'). He will be presenting Buster Keaton's 'Steamboat Bill, Jr.'

Our Gang star, Jean Darling, will be a special guest for the program 'A Date with Jean Darling', talking about her years in films. Other featured films included Harold Lloyd's 'Get out and Get under" and Laurel and Hardy 'That's My Wife'.

Tickets are available through Slapstick 2007 website. So head to Bristol for a weekend full of fun and laughter!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Grand View - Gag Order Withdrawn

December 4, 2006 - Glendale News report that "Attorneys for Grand View Memorial Park withdraw a motion to restrict speech of opposing lawyers". If this was in place, attorneys would have been kept from speaking publicly about the case.

In other GV news, the LA County Corner's said they will 'announce' the cause of Marsha Howard's death in about seven weeks.

I recently have been in contact with LA writer Lisa Burks. Lisa has taken a personal interest in the happenings at Grand View, since she lives near GV. Her in-depth stories have appeared in LA Daily News and on her blog at valleynews.com.

Lisa has some photos at Grand View. One shows the Edna picture and rose fan Mark McKenzie left for Edna. There are many other GV photos as well.

In the meantime checkout Edna's special page for links and for a time line of the happenings at Grand View. See Lisa's link in Edna's Place Links for reports. Also check back for more updates.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Special Announcement about Edna January 17th, 2007

On January 17th, I will be making a special announcement of a major find about Edna Purviance. That is all I have to say, until the 17th of January.

UPDATE: January 17th LINK

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Meridian Radio FM

November 24, 2007 - Meridian FM - BACK ON AIR LIVE until December 22 - For our England visitors, just letting you know Meridian FM is back on the air live 24 hours each day until December 22, 2007. Check MERIDIAN website for the latest news and programing.

Meridian FM - BACK ON AIR APRIL 22nd, 2007 - For our England visitors, just letting you know Meridian FM will be back on the air Sunday April 22nd. Check MERIDIAN website for the latest news and future programing.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Fan Comment about Edna Purviance

From the Edna Purviance Hollywood Walk of Fame Petition:

"I have always been a fan of Edna, and she should have this great moment of glory, over 40 years after her death. I just wish there was any film of the woman in real life, to see footage of her talking, for instance would be incredible. I have just found out more about Edna thru this website, like her being a great musician. I can not wait for the books and films to come out about her, so that the world can remember and again fall in love with this wonderful young lady. May she finally be honored." - Michael J. McGettigan

To Michael and all of Edna's fans,
Stay tuned... If you keep wishing, maybe someday it might just come true... - L
NOTE: Edna Purviance (born October 21, 1895 in Paradise Valley, Nevada) died January 13, 1958 at the Motion Picture Country Hospital at Woodland Hills, California. She was being treated for cancer during the 1950s, before dying from throat cancer. Her grand niece helped take care of her in the early 1950s. Edna's funeral was held at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, but she was interred at Grand View Cemetery in Glendale, California. more>

Monday, November 27, 2006

Grand View Cemetery Costs adding up

November 27, 2006 - The Glendale Press reports the cost of operating Grand View Cemetery for its limited 4 hours on Sunday has cost $31,000 since the last week in August. The list is long of all services that have to be paid to keep it open (street-sweeping, tree trimming, staff, portable restrooms, etc.) One would think insurance would be in that list as well.

The City plans to take their findings and reconsider their options in keeping the cemetery open for even fewer hours or even few days a month, or just shut it down altogether. Meanwhile all the lawsuits are still in play, even after the owner's death. The future of Grand View Cemetery is very unclear at this stage.

More about Edna Purviance and Grand View
Here is a link to City of Glendale with information and PDF files about Grand View.

March 30, 2007 - UPDATE

Friday, November 24, 2006

Edna's Sixth Year

News Update! The Sea Gull was released January 13th, 2008. It is now available. See more at ednapurviance.com.

November 25, 2006
- Edna starts her sixth year on the web! Edna had a record year again, with October the best ever. We are pleased with the visitors and interest Edna is getting worldwide.

We never expected it when we started in November 2001, when Garen Ewing of than The Chaplin Society and Chaplin UK, was the very first to link us in the worldwide web! It has been a great adventure that we thank Mr. Ewing and all the fans who have helped and visited Edna ever since!

Edna is not a modern day star, so huge numbers are not what we expect, but we have been helping the Facebook group this year in helping them gather signatures to help Edna get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

This year brought more additions too with our project 'The Angel from Nevada' video (with Lita Hill) premiering in Hollywood and a new story about how Charlie Chaplin could have found Edna Purviance called Chance and Speculation.

We had a successful give away this last spring of the Charlie Chaplin Essential Film Music Collection with Carl Davis, so watch for another project along that line in the future.

Update: January 2008. The Sea Gull was released in January 2008. See ednapurviance.com or our latest Edna's Place entries for details.

We have a few new projects including the second section of Chance and Speculation coming in 2007 (see section one), more Chaplin Library additions from Dominique Dugros throughout 2007, and a surprise or two in store...

Much more on all of this as Edna enters her sixth year on the web! We like to thank all of Edna's visitors these past five years!

OH, I did say I planned a little something for today. Well, it is a little something, but this is no little train... But a special locomotive that ran for few years, just before trains were pass by for freeways.

Even in the early 1940s with cars and airline flights, Edna would travel at times by train to San Francisco from Los Angeles. One of the trains that traveled that route was called the 4449. This Southern Pacific Steam Locomotive traveled along the Coast Daylight Route between LA and San Francisco.

This year, I got to see the 4449 as it traveled on a special tour route in the Pacific Northwest. I only had a video camera and no tripod at the time, for it was a chance meeting of a great train from not so long ago.

I will place a special post for the 4449, but here is a peek at the video I took as it passed by one day. (The cars and 4449 Locomotive you see are all original and fully restored.)

March 2007 update: The caretakers of the 4449 are currently hoping to find a permanent home for the SP4449 engine. The current home, The Brooklyn Roundhouse, has an uncertain future, so a new home is being searched for in the Portland, Oregon area at this time.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Stuff and trimmings...

On Saturday, Edna starts her sixth year on the web, so I have a little something planned, as some of you are still getting over your Thanksgiving Dinners and first big day of holiday shopping.

This week I worked on a little update on the Drawing Page link that some of you have been visiting. I started a new page, with a link to the older page. I will be updating that page more in the future, but The Sea Gull is taking up the bulk of the free time.

Much work has been done and the schedule of early next year is looking good at this point. Watch for a date here or at Edna's site.

And finally, for you Chaplin fans always looking for something, a website call The Little Tramp has arrived recently. This one is said to be a Blog site, (much like The Little Fellow website). I like to thank them for the nice link too. So do take a visit!

So unless something hot comes up, all from here until November 25th!

(UPDATE: The Little Tramp site link doesn't not work, so I removed the link at this time. )

Monday, November 20, 2006

New Brief Glimpse

Thursday, November 16, 2006

What to get that Charlie Chaplin fan...

First off, we like to thank you for the nice comments coming in for the Cinecon Report.

Next, The Sea Gull book is coming along. Christmas holiday season will delay things, but on schedule for early next year. Check back in for the date.

And to answer those holiday questions we get on what to get a Chaplin fan, there are many options. We have several guides on Edna's Site to help you out. These include MUSIC, DVD and BOOK Guides

And if in the UK, check out the Chaplin UK DVD GUIDE for films available in the UK.

In the meantime, with our heads pretty buried in working on Edna's first book, a little drawing I did recently of Charlie. Not perfect, but working on getting better at drawing him.

For our US visitors, we hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

- Edna starts her sixth year on the web November 25th. A little launch of something new planned...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Cinecon 42 - Hollywood Report, Edna Purviance documentary

Cinecon 42

Our report of the September 2006 Hollywood Trip and presentation of 'The Angel from Nevada', the first showing of the Edna Purviance documentary featuring Edna's grandniece, Lita Hill.

With several EXTRA links including images from the video event.
Link to Article

Addition: Comment sent to us that was written by another fan who saw "Angel from Nevada" at Cinecon 2006. I'm sorry I don't know the author. (see comments for more)

"THE EDNA PURVIANCE DOCUMENTARY: This looks like a work still in progress, but remarkable interviews with Edna's great niece, herself quite the interesting lady. A nontraditional view of Edna, who did NOT pine away and die after her affair with Chaplin ended, but went out and lived a good full life and married the man of her dreams. I hope this one gets some walking money."

Just a little note: If you see our Hollywood Cinecon Report used on other websites, ednapurviance.org has not granted permission to anyone to do so. But we do appreciate your interest.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Grand View Cemetery Owner Howard found Dead

Note: I have placed updated links on bottom.

November 6, 2006 -
Marsha Howard, who was one of the owners of the Grand View Memorial Cemetery and in the news this past year, was found dead on the Grand View Cemetery grounds this weekend. (There is a home on the grounds.) LA Coroner's says she apparently died of natural causes but no final conclusion at press time.

The Cemetery license was suspended last November by the state of California. It was found to have decades of miss management. Lawsuits have followed, that included closing of the Cemetery this year. It was reopened for limited visits only this last September.

Howard recently was trying to get her lawyers to place a gag order to keep the news of the trial out of the media. The judge had until December to make the decision. Also, the court ordered Howard to move all cemetery records to a document depository by November 15th.

Her death does leave the case with even more questions for the future of Grand View, since the suits were mainly against Howard.

She was 58 years old and in poor health, family report...

Update January 17th: Howard's death was caused by her diabetes
Learn more at Lisa Burk's GV Blog

Update January 27, 2007: Grand View Viewing Hours 2007
From the Glendale News: " The city has released a revised visiting schedule for Grand View Memorial Park which cuts operating hours at the cemetery from each Sunday a month to two Sundays a month. The cemetery will be open from noon to 4 p.m. on Feb. 4 and 18, March 4 and 18, April 1 and 15, May 6 and 20 and June 3 and 17. The City Council will be re-evaluating the visitation schedule in March."

Grand View Tops the 2006 News Stories in Glendale:

"In life and death, Howard was one of Glendale's most closely watched figures in 2006, and the legacy of her actions at Grand View Memorial Park may live on for years to come." - Glendale News, Robert Hong
Update March 30, 2007 - Records to be reviewed by Attorneys

Update April 4, 2007 - Gravesite appears to have been sold twice.

Update October 5, 2007 - State Orders Owner to Sell

Update December 19, 2007 - Work Could Resume?

Update January 16, 2008 - Grand View Money Problems

Update February 1, 2008 - Remembering Grand View

Update February 3, 2008 - More Work Needed at Grand View


Update March 30, 2008 - LA CBS news had a report from GV today on the one day opening

Update April 11, 2008 - Another opening planned for Late May(?)

Update May 20 - Grand View open for four hours May 25, 2008

Update June 10, 2008 - Grand View is sleeking for one day opening on June 29.

Update June 25, 2008 - Grand View will be open June 29, July 13 and July 27, 2008 from 12 noon to 4PM each Sunday. Click on link for more details.

Update: Story about June 29th opening. (Also July 13th and 27th, 2008 opening planned.)

Update Sept. 19, 2008 - "Judge Anthony Mohr approved the opening of the cemetery on Oct. 12 and 26, Nov. 9, 23 and 27, Dec. 21 and 25, and Jan. 1 and 6, according to a court report. The cemetery will be open from noon to 4 p.m. on those dates." - Glendale News more>

Update Oct. 23, 2009 - Lawsuit agreement and settlement near!

Update Nov. 18, 2009 - Settlement! more>

Grand View Cemetery is where Edna Purviance is interred.
(special thanks to Amy for the update on this situation... - L)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Thanks to the readers...

We like to thank all the readers who visited in October. It made for another record month for Edna's site (under all stat listings). One of the questions I still get asked is "why research Edna", and all I can say is "why not?" At least the readership to Edna's site over the years has shown me there is interest in her and the strong fan response for the book and video has been very encouraging.

I plan to launch the new Cinecon/Hollywood Report very soon. Just placing the finishing touches on it now, including newly arrived photos of Lita at the event!

As for 'The Sea Gull' book, work continues on it. We believe the very high readership of late for the site is in part due to interest in the coming book. We planned to have it out late this year, but I think my thoughts that it might be closer to early next year might come true. Part of that being printing and proofing delays. (Something called shipping, since we are closing in on the holiday season, could delay a few things.) We hope you'll agree that it's more important to get it the best we can than to rush it out for the holiday season.

We are producing this book ourselves, since we had no strong interest from other sources. Being our first book, I can understand. Except for Edna's site and connections with the site, and a brief but wonderful moment showing the video in Hollywood this year, I am unknown (and for that matter, so is Edna, beyond her circle of fans).

We are self-publishing the book, and we do not have deep pockets nor can we spend thousands of dollars to a publisher for this book. I make a modest income at best, and the Hills have been very generous in their help. We are doing this together as a project of our company Leading Ladies, and I have no intention of placing anyone into debt! Also, there is a second book in the works, travel and more research to accomplish, and all that will demand funds.

We will be printing the book through a print-on-demand printing company. I have read the pros and cons on such a choice, and are taking all possible precautions to ensure a quality result. The book may not be as slick as we would love to have in printing, but we are being careful in the proof printing process to get the best results possible. But that doesn't mean the layout or design will be short-changed. In fact, I feel very high about my husband's talent in
producing a very high-end looking product in design. My husband is donating his time to design and layout the book (he designed the cover you have seen here and on Edna's site) and will be the main editor, with the help of talented individuals in the Hill family. It is a
'family affair' in getting the first book on Edna out!

The Sea Gull is a book filled with never before seen images of beautiful 8x10 production stills showing Edna Purviance, Gayne Whitman, Eve Southern and Raymond Bloomer, from a film long lost. It will also showcase Josef von Sternberg's work, as well. With the only known negatives of the film destroyed, this will be the best look into this film to date. I will have a bio section on Edna in the book, information on the other players, about the location shoot and much more. The book will be an experience beyond the photos.

Again, thanks for helping Edna with a record October (best month ever!). I will release the date of the book as soon as we know. It will be posted here, on Edna's home page and on the Introduction page of the Chaplin Library. See the links to the right.

We have a strong desire to do this and believe it is a significant addition to silent film history.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Charlie Chaplin Events Coming

I thought I place a few Chaplin film events coming up.

Live Music Events
November 12th - Leeds Town Hall (UK) - Live Music Event with Carl Davis conducting Opera North Orchestra. Films: The Immigrant & The Adventurer
November 22th, 24th & 25th - San Francisco Symphony - City Lights with David Robertson conducting
December 29th & 30th - Saint Louis Symphony - The Kid & The Idle Class with David Robertson conducting (check their website)
More worldwide events

TCM - Check this Chaplin film listing

Sunday, October 29, 2006

New Brief Glimpse

La Naissance De Charlot - 17th issue about Keystone

Thierry Mathieu's La Naissance De Charlot (October 2006 - issue 17), is now available. This issue about Keystone films includes Gentlemen of Nerve and His Musical Career. Check out: www.chaplin-at-keystone.com for more information.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


It was Edna's birthday Saturday, October 21th. It would be a nice time to send a little 'gift' to Edna by helping Edna get her star on the Walk of Fame.

We like to thank everyone who has signed so far, but if you have not, it would be a nice time to do it.

Deadline for signatures is May 31, 2007. Thanks for your time!

Sign | More Information | Walk of Fame Blog

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hollywood and Cinecon Report coming soon!

Watch this November for our special Hollywood and Cinecon Report about our visit and premiere of 'The Angel from Nevada', the first documentary on Edna Purviance.


Happy Birthday Edna!!!

Thanks for visiting on Edna's Birthday! The special event is now over...

Visit next year on Edna's Birthday for another special one day event!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Charlie Chaplin Doll update and more...

An another owner of the same doll! SEE POST LINK UPDATE
UPDATE Oct 14th:
New Brief Glimpse

Other Links of interest:

BBC Chaplin Memorabilia | Documents
Includes images of Chaplin Toys and music sheets

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Chaplin Society

A pleasant memory from the past came in the form of an article about one of The Chaplin Society festival events in London.

The Chaplin Society was created by Stephen Burstin, Kevin Brownlow and David Robinson. It lasted between 1999 to 2002. The Society held festivals in London and even one in America. I joined The Chaplin Society in 2000 and went to my first and only Chaplin Society event in London the spring of 2001.

The Society also had a wonderful magazine called The Chaplin Courier. (Photo is first copy in fall 1999.) I am sure if you were a member you kept your copies. I luckily got all the copies released before they ran out of issues. It was like a bit of Christmas when the latest issue arrived. I would spend the evening reading every word and always enjoyed doing the puzzles.

Stephen was planning another Society event in Hollywood, which I was planning to attend, but the event didn't materialize. The Society ended in the summer of 2002. I always thought Stephen did a great job, along with his family, and they greeted us (everyone) warmly at the London events.

Reading the article reminded me I was still placing together my little website about Edna Purviance in the fall of 2001. At the time, it was not ednapurviance.org and not even launched yet. Link to the original site. I sent a private link to an enthusiastic Chaplin fan and the response I received back energized me a great deal, and by November 2001 ednapurviance.org was born. And, well...

Friday, October 06, 2006

Charlie Chaplin Question...

When I started last year, I had "Question of the Day". It changed to question of the week and slowly went away. Today I like to do another Question and maybe you have an answer to a question I have.

A few years ago, I was watching a classic 1930's movie with music and dancing. I can't remember the name of the movie, but I remember a song in it. In the film, it seems like the characters were not Broadway stars themselves, but were helping the producer create the show. During the end of the film the cast was putting on a 'Broadway' show, if I remember rightly. One of the ladies sang a song that included a reference to Charlie Chaplin during his Karno days. I clearly remember her mentioning 'A Night in a English Music Hall', when singing about Chaplin. I remember writing the name of the movie down, but lost the note.

I don't know if any of you ever seen this film. I have tried to find it again, but no luck. I can picture the singer in my mind, but not the name. So do you happen to recall a film like this and know the name?

As for the "Question of the Day": 'Can you remember other movies that had references to Charlie Chaplin in them?'

Since I can't remember the name of this film, with the Karno reference, I will start with one answer most of you should know: "An American in Paris". Gene Kelly does a Chaplin 'walk' in a dance routine for the song which I remember called 'Who could ask for Anything More', with the children saying, Charlie Chaplin, CHARLOT in the background. Comment or email your response...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Edna's Place, one year today

Edna's Place
has been on the web for one year now. When I started, I didn't know how this would go, but with a hearty thanks to all of you, we are starting our second year. I plan to be reporting more on Edna's first book 'The Sea Gull' in a few weeks and also have a Cinecon report in the works, so more on those later.

Since I started my first Edna's Place posting on picture palaces and organs, I will start this first 201 posting on a small piece about Chaplin's idea to start a music hall film in 1925.

After Chaplin finished a picture, he would have either no ideas or several ideas in mind for his next one. He had several ideas in the case after 'The Gold Rush'. One of his ideas was a story based on the London music hall life, a life he knew well.

Chaplin's Next Will be London Music Hall Film
"Charlie Chaplin next production will not be a screen version of a story called "Dandy". When Chaplin returned from New York he had other ideas in mind than making 'Dandy', so then got to work on two different stories. He finally decided to make one of London music hall life, with a blending of theme and ideas of 'Suicide Club' in it. Work on this picture will start about December 10th. Chaplin, of course, will direct and, as in all his pictures, Henry Bergman will be in the cast. Georgia Hale may also play the lead in her second picture for him." From Variety November 24, 1925...

He didn't do it this time, he made "The Circus" instead, and his leading lady was Merna Kennedy. But in the early 1950s, he would create his last US film 'Limelight' which was about the London music hall days of his youth.

Friday, September 29, 2006

STOLEN MOMENTS - Podcast by Donna Hill

Donna Hill, Rudolph Valentino and silent film fan, has started what I believe is the first SILENT FILM PODCASTS in the US called STOLEN MOMENTS.

I have a list of shows below, with the latest, listed last.

While she currently has several shows about Valentino, she has started a few shows that included interviews with Kevin Brownlow and Patrick Stanbury with Photoplay Productions. Mr. Brownlow does talk about the Hollywood Series DVD collection in this interview and mentions it is copyright issues that have been a problem. Listen to the podcast to hear what Kevin has to say about it and more.

Also Podcast interviews with classic film festivals, like the Buster Keaton Convention and with David Kiehn with the Niles Bronco Billy Film Festival. (Check the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum for their latest events. Fans would also know David from his book 'Broncho Billy and the Essanay Film Company'.)

The programs are on iTunes and available with free subscription. Follow this link to a page of programs (download the PDF schedule) and this link to the blog about the shows. I know I will be a regular listener. (see green bold link below for latest update.)

UPDATE MARCH 31, 2007 - Links to more about Kevin Brownlow.

UPDATE JANUARY 17, 2007: Stolen Moments have posted there preview for 2007 programs. She mentions a possible interview with Kevin Brownlow. Check Stolen Moments for more.

UPDATE JANUARY 28, 2007: As fans know, The Hollywood Series was produced by THAMES PRODUCTION COMPANY. More about THAMES

UPDATE FEBRUARY 5, 2007 - Donna's February 5th show is ready to listen too! Features recordings from Luther H. Mahoney, who worked for Rudolph Valentino and chat with Denise Morrison, from the Kansas Silent Film Festival.

UPDATE MARCH 12, 2007 - Donna's has her latest program about Rudolph Valentino.

UPDATE AUGUST 18, 2007 - Donna had from recording problems this summer, but a new show will be coming soon! More>

UPDATE OCTOBER 15, 2007 - Donna Hill's interview about her coming book about Valentino. More>

UPDATE OCTOBER 20, 2007 - Donna has her current podcast up with information about upcoming shows. Including a future interview with Kevin Brownlow about Louise Brooks. More>

UPDATE APRIL 9, 2008 - Donna Hill is back with her current podcast! She speaks with founders Rob Farr and Richard Roberts from Slapsticon. MORE>

UPDATE JUNE 9, 2008 - Donna Hill interview with Stephen Salmons, San Francisco Silent Film Festival

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Charlie Chaplin Library - LATEST

Dominique and I have updated the Chaplin Library Latest Page with the current additions in Dominique's Charlie Chaplin Book Collection. Nearing 500 books, look to see books on Chaplin from the 1910's to 2006.

Two of the newest publications included on the Latest page: 'Silent Traces' by John Bengston under the English section and 'Un Comico Vede IL Mondo' by Lisa Stein under the Italian section. (Lisa is well-known for her great site thelittlefellow.org and Discover Chaplin newsletter.) You can read about Lisa's book at her site, plus, she was involved with 'Silent Traces'.

I personally have seen 'Silent Traces' and find it should be of interest to any person interested in films and the old Los Angeles/Hollywood area. Chuck full of images with well researched film locations from Chaplin's films.

Library Notes: Except for books noted as 'in the current library', the books on the LATEST page are not listed on any other section of the library at this time. All books in the library are listed by country. Authors names are listed in order under each country. If a book has no author, the book is listed at the last page of each section.

Because we are reaching over 500 entries, I will be making some changes to the library in the future to handle the new additions. Enjoy your visit!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Charlie Chaplin lost production 'The Sea Gull'

THE SEA GULL "A Woman of the Sea"
By Linda Wada
Charlie Chaplin's lost film production.
Purchase now ONLY at ednapurviance.com.
Comments about the book

"THE SEA GULL is an important contribution to film history, and worth buying for the stills alone. The look of the film, revealed in these marvellous photographs, makes it all the more tragic that it was destroyed.

This book provides the nearest experience we will have to seeing it. Thank you for all the hard work. It is much appreciated."

Kevin Brownlow - Silent Film Historian - London, England

If you were at Cinecon or saw Edna's home page, you would have seen our announcement about our first Edna book called THE SEA GULL - 'A Woman of the Sea'. Edna Purviance starred in the film which was directed by Josef von Sternberg, but Chaplin never released it.

While little has been known about this film, Edna personally kept a collection of images from the film. A few stills from this same collection are now in the BFI collection, which I reported on a couple of times on Edna's site. (Edna Purviance Collection and Edna Purviance Collection: Re-visited) But the ones for this book are from Edna's own collection and never seen before.

The SECOND book we are working on is Edna's biography. We do not have a name for that book yet, but we will have more on it in the coming months.

Update April 12, 2008 - We have just learned about a major Josef von Sternberg program planned for Il Cinema Ritrovato in Bologna, Italy, June 28-July 5, 2008. Click this link for more information.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Have you seen this Charlie Chaplin Doll?

We are looking for anyone who may have seen this Charlie Chaplin doll. Charlie is dancing with a lady that could be one of his leading ladies, but with the dark hair under her hat, might represent Georgia Hale. This doll could have been a one of a kind, as the owner has checked many different sources and has come up empty. This Chaplin doll is made out of cloth and with 'straw and sawdust' like stuffing. It is about 16" high with a string attached to the two figures.

You can contact us here or on Edna's site if you can help with information. Thank you...

OCTOBER 15TH UPDATE: We have learned of another owner of the same Chaplin Dancing Doll! This time with a doll in the original box with tag! The new information is the doll was made by the DEAN'S DOLLS and TOYS COMPANY of London. (They are known for making Teddy Bears.) The label on the box says the doll is named: 'Charlie and auntie'. The tag on the dolls says: 'Dancing Drolls'. The patent number is: 33891. We like to send our special thanks to this owner for the new information! If you know of more information about this company or the dolls we would appreciate it. Thank you!

Update: The Bill Douglas Centre for the History of Cinema and Popular Culture at the University of Exeter in South West England, has a Chaplin doll that appears to be the same Charlie, but without the girl he is dancing with. The Centre's records on this doll. (This doll pictured on Douglas Centre site)

Update: Couple more Chaplin dolls

February 2, 2007 - The Charlie Chaplin Action Figure Doll is the latest doll on the market.

March 12th, 2007 - Here is Bernd Kunze's collection of Chaplin figures and toys.

UPDATE: March 10, 2009 - Here is our latest Charlie Chaplin doll we are researching.

The Rink & Modern Times, Live Music Birmingham UK

Birmingham event and more....
Birmingham, UK - October 14th, 2006
- Birmingham Symphony Hall will present Modern Times and The Rink with live music conducted by Carl Davis. Link for MORE information. Check this link for more live events.

Other events:
• St. Louis - thru October 15th - Don't miss the Webster University Chaplin Film Series which runs thru October 15th.
• San Francisco - Thanksgiving Weekend - San Francisco Symphony will show Charlie Chaplin's City Lights with David Robertson as conductor (Robertson is with the Saint Louis Symphony). Dates: November 22, 24 and 25 (Thanksgiving Weekend).
• CHARLIE & EDNA ON TCM in October & November - Schedule
• Auction Note: Edna's friend, Mabel Normand, is having an auction of personal items with Hertiage Auction Galleries. No Edna, but photos of Mabel, Chaplin and personal letters once belonging to Miss Normand.

Watch for on Edna:
• Our Cinecon/Hollywood Report
Chaplin Library Update (Sept. 20th - Currently being updated)
• Current news about our first book about Edna Purviance's lost film: 'The Seagull'.
• See our latest story on Edna 'Chance and Speculation: Charlie Discovers Edna Purviance'.
• Coming: something for Edna's birthday October 21th.
• New Brief Glimpse

• Also don't forget to sign the Edna Purviance Walk of Fame Petition.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Charlie Chaplin Discovers Edna Purviance

Charlie Discovers Edna, A Wonderful Bit of Chance and Speculation
, is our latest article on ednapurviance.org.

Originally planned for release January 17th, 2005, I have just released on Edna. It is from research I found a few years ago about Edna and her life in Nevada and San Francisco.

How Charlie and Edna first met as been written many different ways, with each story having different versions. But this 'speculation' shines light on how Chaplin could have FIRST SEEN Edna, back in Jaunary 1915.

This is SECTION ONE of the story. The conclusion is to follow. (NOTE: A FLASH PLAYER IS USED FOR ONE OF THE IMAGES.)

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Edna Purviance Hollywood Walk of Fame Petition Drive

Edna Purviance
Walk of Fame
Signature Drive!
Learn MORE!

Behind the Limelight - play about Chaplin

The New York Musical Theatre Festival and the Chaplin Corporation are presenting a play about Chaplin called 'Behind the Limelight'. The six performances start September 19th and end September 30th. Actress, Brooke Sunny Moriber will play the part of Edna Purviance. This play premiered in the summer of 2005. I have not heard any news about it, so something of interest for fans in the New York area.

Update Sept 21th: Here is a review on this play from theatermania.com

Link to the BEHIND THE LIMELIGHT official website.
July 21, 2005 - Playbill article
Vassar article on Limelight

Also, someone sent a couple more reviews you can see in comments.
MORE INFORMATION: The lyrics to the Limelight theme 'Eternally' and more...

UPDATE: Because of a related internet question I will place a short answer here - Edna Purviance was never in Limelight. Check this link for more.

Charlie Chaplin and Edna Purviance on TCM Sept. 15, 2006

UPDATE: Couple more early morning Charlie and Edna films to come on TCM. October 24, 5AM Eastern 'The Kid' & November 20th, 1:15 Eastern, 'The Pilgrim'. And November 28th, 6:30 AM Eastern 'The Great Dictator'.

September 15, 2006 - TCM will have five Charlie Chaplin films, including four with Edna Purviance. Check TCM September schedule for times (the current schedule list the programs starting at 7:30 AM Eastern).

They start with 'The Rounders' (Keystone 1914, with Chaplin and 'Fatty' Arbuckle) and the rest with Edna Purviance: 'A Dog's Life' (1918), 'Shoulder Arms' (1918), 'A Day's Pleasure' (1919) and 'The Idle Class' (1921).

Thursday, September 07, 2006

UPDATE: Hollywood Series - Kevin Brownlow

I have been informed the Kevin Brownlow Hollywood Series DVD collection has been removed from the Amazon UK order list. It was delayed to a December release in the UK, but now has been removed.

I do know from our visit in Italy last year, copyright issues were a problem from the start. This film is full of film clips and interviews from many different sources.

As soon as we learn more, we will pass on. I hope this will be resolved, since having the collection available in DVD to help create new fans to silent films, is more valuable for all concern.

Update December 17, 2006 - So far I have not heard anymore news when this series will be available. There is lots of interest in this, so if any of our readers hear of anything by chance, certainly do past on. Many thanks... L - Edna's Place

Update April 21, 2007 - Kevin Brownlow was honored at the San Francisco International Film Festival on the weekend of April 28th. April 29th, he will present Kevin Brownlow: Introduction to Silents. Some news on the series might be mentioned during this visit. Fans will certainly be asking.

Update May 18, 2007 - No Hollywood Series information, but video of Kevin at the San Francisco International Film Festival. more>

Sunday, September 03, 2006

From CINECON in Hollywood

Hello from Hollywood, California, the day after our film event Edna Purviance "The Angel from Nevada". We had a standing room only crowd! We did a seat count and we had 140-150 people in the room, with people standing along the back wall. I was at the back door bringing in more chairs as people continue to come in, after all the seats were taken. We had double applause at the end and met many people after the show was over.

We extended our thanks to everyone who attended! It was great to see a few long time fans and meet many new! We like to send a special thanks to longtime Edna fan Mark McKenzie for flying in to visit us here!

I am planning a Cinecon report for the site. Watch for it in the coming weeks! That is all from Hollywood for now... Many thanks! Watch for a new EDNA and CHARLIE story coming soon! AND see Edna's home page about our first BOOK on EDNA!

Cinecon Classic Film Report

Monday, August 28, 2006

Edna Purviance Documentary - Cinecon - Sept. 2 -11:30 AM

Cinecon Film Festival
September 2nd

11:30 AM
Renaissance Hotel
Hollywood, California

Video Premiere
Edna Purviance
"The Angel of Nevada"
Special Guest
Lita Hill


Sunday, August 27, 2006


Saturday, September 2, 2006, 11:30 AM, we will be at Cinecon in Hollywood for the video premiere of Edna Purviance's documentary, 'The Angel from Nevada' featuring Edna Purviance's grandniece, Lita Hill.

During our time in Hollywood we will be helping the 'Edna Purviance is a Star' and 'Death to Talkies' Facebook group with the Edna Purviance Walk of Fame Petition Drive.

I will be bringing flyers (see picture) to the event. If you are an Edna fan and like to help, please contact us at the Saturday event or by email (see walk of fame page or contact page on Edna's site).

from all of us in support of Edna Purviance...
Note: New Brief Glimpse

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Charlie Chaplin Film Festival - St. Louis 2006

August 25 - October 15, 2006
- Webster University Film Series will have eight Chaplin Chaplin Films shown each weekend with one of Chaplin's First National or Mutual shorts.

The features are all of Chaplin's classics: 'The Kid', 'The Gold Rush', 'The Circus', 'City Lights', 'Modern Times', 'The Great Dictator', 'Monsieur Verdoux' and 'Limelight'. Each feature will be shown with shorts including 'The Immigrant', 'Easy Street', 'The Pawnshop' and many more...

All the feature films will be 35mm prints! Each film will be hosted by a special guest from the St. Louis Arts Community. Check their calendar for times. This is one of the best Chaplin Film events I have heard of this year in the states, so if in the area, do support it... more information

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Edna Purviance Walk of Fame - French and Portuguese Page

To continue to help the "Edna Purviance is a Star" and "Death to Talkies" Facebook group Edna Purviance Walk of Fame Signature Drive project, ednapurviance.org has created three Walk of Fame pages on Edna's site to help spread the word to the world.

With the great help of Dominique Dugros and Daniele Rodrigues, we how have this page in three languages. Dominique created the French and Daniele has created the Portuguese page.


Special thanks to Daniele and Dominique for their quick and enthusiastic help. UPDATE: I have added a comment section on the bottom of the ENGLISH page to share with other Edna fans.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Midnightpalace - Classic and Obscure Movie Site

I like to extend our thanks to Gary at Midnightpalace for sending out the word about the Edna Purviance Walk of Fame Petition Drive: a petition drive started by Facebook ('Edna Purviance is a Star') group.

Also, checkout Midnightpalace for a fun site to see classic and obscure movies online, reviews and forum. They have just connected with Warner Brothers Studios and plan to have some great give aways for members in the near future! Sign up today, to become part of it!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Special Thanks to Cinecon

We like to send our special thanks to everyone at Cinecon for the very nice special announcement for Edna's video event on their site! We are looking forward to the trip and hope to see Edna's fans there!

At this time, we are planning a special announcement about one of our projects at the event. This same announcement will be coming to Edna's site very soon afterwards...

Also, a new story about Edna and Charlie will appear on Edna's site soon! It is one I planned to launch in January 2005.

It was something I stumbled onto a few years ago, during my Edna research. I will be revealing a part from that research in the video for the first time. I will have Part One of the story behind it on Edna's site shorty after the video event... Thanks for visiting!