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June 6, 2018 - Re-editing Edna Purviance's family biography 2nd Draft. Photo: Leading Ladies © used by ednapurviance.org

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Chaplin Society of Japan

We like to send our special thanks to the Chaplin Society of Japan for all your support of Edna Purviance and The Sea Gull this past year.

Chaplin Society Members. Photo from Shunichi Ohkubo. UPDATE: Shunichi has informed me that the group is in front of Kyoto Golden Pavilion Tempre. Also in the photo are Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Chaplin and author Hooman Mehran.

Edna's fans in Japan, have been visitors of Edna's site(s) for many years, which Edna herself, would have been very pleased with. Edna had many fans from Japan in her film days. There are still fan letters from Japan in the Hill collection. We will be sharing a few of these early day fan letters in future projects.

Thank you, everyone! We feel very honored to have your following!

Highlight about this year Chaplin's event: Shunichi exhibited 420 photos from his own collection as part of the festival. It was very well received by all who attended (and as a fan myself, I would have loved to have seen them). We look forward to hearing more about their future events.

Bits and Pieces

A few more Bits and Pieces for March 2009

Edna's book
Work continues on the Purviance book. While I have started writing on the earlier years again, the main research is into Jack's family (Edna's husband). While I got many photos and personal information from the Hills from the later years (they actually knew Jack), background material on Jack's family was not as plentiful. Lita was working on it, but her health was an issue in getting as much as she wanted to get done.

While I know where Jack was born and I found out where he actually grew up (now), the process is very slow in gathering the information (and very costly). This month I have spent nearly 20 hours in the library reading films, and only scratching the surface. Interlibrary loans are not easy to get in my town anymore and the cost has increased a great deal. (It makes me so glad I got the bulk of Edna's research done, when I did.)

I am thinking I may have to take a trip to find more on Jack, but it's not to an area I ever had much interest in traveling too. (I rather go to England and research more on Edna's mother, but Jack didn't grow up in England.) But I have to keep gathering more information before I can even plan a trip. So, just plugging away on it...

Chaplin Library
As noted earlier, I have been slowly updating the regular Chaplin Library. Much more to go, as I update information and start moving more 'books' into the regular library. Very slow, because it requires moving many anchor links on the index and book pages. Move one book, and it changes the anchors on all the rest around it, so slowly working on that. One of the main reasons for the database. Much easier to update and to search for books.

Brief Glimpse
If you haven't notice, I updated recently.

Chaplin Music
I have a special post (and page for Edna's site) coming about Chaplin's music.

Japan fans and The Sea Gull
I received a very nice letter recently from Shunichi Ohkubo in Japan about the recent Chaplin Society Event. He showed 420 photos from his own collection on Charlie Chaplin.

He also shared with me the interest on The Sea Gull and Edna in Japan. (In fact, I am sending more books for our Japanese fans.) Edna would have really enjoyed hearing this, since she had a keen interest in Japan. She also had many fans who wrote to her from Japan during her film career. She was a favorite with the college age students. Some of these letters still exist in the Hill Collection and will be shared in the second book about Edna.

Chaplin Birthday Event
Still time to get your entries in for the Chaplin Birthday Crossword Challenge. All the forms with the right answers will be placed in the drawing. The winner will receive a copy of The Sea Gull with 8x10 cover photo. (Over $55 value.) So get those entries in, to have a chance to win! (Note: The answers are on Edna's .org site and in a couple of Edna's films. Just have to seek them out.)

More The Sea Gull books coming
I placed a new order for books to re-stock my supply. We are very pleased to see the book selling even after having to increase the cover cost. But I wasn't pleased to see the shipping and printing cost has gone up even more after we learned of the last big increase. (Never received any notice on the latest increase.) I will not be adding any increases at this time. Just hope things don't go much higher.

I had a few thoughts of maybe creating a totally black and white version, but it will take a great deal of time. You just don't print your current colour version into black and white. All the pages have to be re-adjusted to do it correctly. Plus, I don't like the type of paper used for the black and white books with our printers (thin weigh and poor in quality), so not something I am excited about creating. (And no, I don't plan on an online version or disc version. Maybe a few preview pages, but not the whole book.)

Another postage increase in May 2009
The post office is planning yet another price increase starting May 11, 2009. This is after increases added in January 2009! First class stamps will be going up to 44 cents each. Other prices going up too. (Makes one wish they bought a basket load of those forever stamps.)

Thoughts on New Item for Edna
I had a thought of creating limited edition buttons (or badges, as they are also called) for Edna. But don't know if the interest would be high enough to do it. I am thinking a 2 inch button, in full color, for sale at probably under $5 plus shipping.) Limited editions are higher in cost to produce, because you only get the price breaks for large orders. Plus, I have only one option locally for creating the buttons and actually have a person I can talk too, instead of just online. If there appears to be interest, I may do it. Write in and let me know.

For those who can watch it, remember Chaplin is on TCM on April 16th. (I do wish they would do an evening event, again, instead of just during the day, but as least Chaplin on TCM.) That's all for now.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Paul Merton as 'Charlie Chaplin'

UK comic, Paul Merton, will be dressing with bowler and cane, as he re-creates one of his favorite silent clowns, for his upcoming appearance at the Belfast Film Festival in Northern Ireland.

Program is April 3, 2009, at the Movie House, Yorkgate, Belfast. It is part of his launch of his spring 'Silent Clowns' tour. Check it out...

2009 Tour Dates (Links & dates can change)
APRIL 3 - Belfast Film Festival
APRIL 5 - Bath Theatre Royal
APRIL 7 - York Grand Opera House
APRIL 8 - Durham Gala Theatre
APRIL 10 - Birmingham Alexandra Theatre
APRIL 11 - Leicester De Montford Hall
APRIL 12 - Buxton Opera House
APRIL 14 - Reading Hexagon
APRIL 15 - Canterbury King's School
APRIL 17 - Perth Concert Hall
APRIL 18 - Aberdeen Music Hall
APRIL 19 - Inverness Eden Court
APRIL 21 - Dundee Caird Hall
APRIL 22 - Glasgow Film Theatre
APRIL 24 - Cheltenham City Hall
APRIL 25 - Huddersfield Batley Theatre
APRIL 26 - Lincoln Drill Hall
APRIL 27 - Harrogate Theatre
APRIL 28 - Preston Charter Theatre
APRIL 29 - Derby Assembly Rooms

MAY 1 -Barnstaple Queens Theatre
MAY 2 - Salisbury City Hall
MAY 3 - Exeter Northcott Theatre
MAY 4 -Bournemouth Opera House
MAY 5 - Weston Super Mare Playhouse
MAY 6 - Yeovill Octagon Theatre
MAY 7 & 8 - Worthing Assembly Hall
MAY 10 - London Hackney Empire
MAY 12 - Croydon Fairfield Halls
MAY 13 - St Albans, The Alban Arena
MAY 15 - Tunbridge Wells Assembly Hall (not home website)
MAY 16 - Basingstoke The Anvil
MAY 17 - High Wycombe, Wycombe Swan

July 7 - Newbury Comedy Festival

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Harold Lloyd Birthday Bash planned for April 18th

From the DCR
Cohen Phillips & Nikki McKim

Big Harold Lloyd Birthday Bash
April 18th, 2009
Burchard, Nebraska (Harold's hometown)

They are also looking for some more sponsors who may like to help. Here is the press release from Cohen about the event:

Harold Lloyd was one of the greatest silent film comedians of the 1920's. Even though the name might not sound familiar, I'm sure you have seen the famous image of a person with glasses & boater hat hanging from clock hands.

This is from one one Lloyd's most famous movies, Safety Last! We are hoping to bring more name recognition to Harold with this event. Here is our video invite for this event-

We are organizing a birthday event at his childhood home, which is still standing, in Burchard, NE on April 18th.

We are expecting many attendants to this event, from a 4th grade class in Henderson, NE to hopefully Suzanne Lloyd, his granddaugh
ter! (if we can find a sponsor to fly her out.) We're also going to be touring his home, have a trivia contest, eating birthday cake and outdoor movies starting at dusk.

We are looking for sponsorship for this event from a company that would like to preserve the past of these medias for the next generation. We feel you would be a great partner to have in this adventure.

Donating some of air time or mentioning us in your events section would be great. Just to help us spread the word! "The Harold Lloyd Foundation of Burchard, NE" is participating in this event. They are a
501(c)(3) non-profit group. Donations can be tax write-offs.

If you sponsor us, you will be noted with on-air radio commercials and on all our print advertising. We'll put links on our website with your logo and a link back to your website so people can find out more about you and your company of items. Thank you for your time and looking forward to a positive response.

Cohen Phillips & Nikki McKim

Harold Lloyd Birthday Bash Directors

May 1, 2010 Harold Lloyd Birthday Event - You can learn more at the new site.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

SP 4449 Going to Michigan!!!

You may remember I posted my video of the SP 4449 in 2006.

Well, here is the latest about this wonderful locomotive:
it is heading to Michigan to TrainFest 2009!

Here is the press release from The Friends of SP 4449:
Famous Steam Locomotive to
Travel Across Country to Michigan

(March 24, 2009 - Owosso, MI) The "World's Most Famous Steam Locomotive" will travel from it's home in Portland, OR 2500 miles to Owosso, MI for America's Largest Celebration of Railroading in July. Southern Pacific steam locomotive no. 4449 known as the "Daylight" will appear at TrainFestival 2009 in Owosso, MI July 23-26. The massive undertaking to organize this train is being jointly coordinated by The Steam Railroading Institute of Owosso, MI, The Friends of the 4449 of Portland, OR and The Friends of the 261 of Minneapolis, MN.

TrainFestival 2009 is America's Largest Celebration of Railroading and will include 8 steam locomotives under steam, vintage and modern diesel/electric locomotives, various train rides, huge model train layouts, miniature train rides, art exhibit, locomotive cab tours, railroad vendors and much more. This family event is being held as a fund raiser to keep operating Pere Marquette steam locomotive no. 1225. This locomotive owned by the Steam Railroading Institute of Owosso, MI is due for Federal Railroad Administration re-certification in 2010.

This locomotive is best known as the steam locomotive portrayed in the animated movie "The Polar Express".
The Southern Pacific Daylight no. 4449 will travel across country on an Amtrak sponsored trip hauling thousands of passengers on this rare excursion.

The locomotive and train will travel through many cities along the way including Spokane, Fargo, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago, and Lansing. A special excursion will be operated on July 24 originating from TrainFestival 2009, tickets are available online. The locomotive will be on display during the event for visitors to photograph, visit with the crew as well as explore the locomotive cab.
Southern Pacific no. 4449 was built in 1941 as a GS-4 "Northern" type locomotive. A 4-8-4 wheel arrangement, she is 110' long, 10' wide and 16' tall.

The locomotive and tender weighs 433 tons, and it operates with a boiler pressure of 300 psi. Her eight 80" diameter drivers and unique booster truck can apply 5,500 horsepower to the rails and exceed 100 mph.

The only remaining operable "streamlined" steam locomotive of the Art Deco era, Southern Pacific no. 4449 pulled Southern Pacific "Daylight" coaches from Los Angeles to San Francisco over the scenic Coast Route and then on to Portland until 1955.

Retired to static display at Oaks Park, OR in 1958, most thought SP 4449 would never run again.
In 1974, she was selected to pull the American Freedom Train throughout the United States, and was subsequently rebuilt.

Southern Pacific no. 4449 ran for three years to the delight of over 30 million people. She is arguably one of the most beautiful locomotives ever built -- and kept that way by the all-volunteer Friends of SP 4449! -
The Friends of SP 4449

For more information contact TrainFestival 2009.
If you can make it, or see this train travel cross country, certainly try to see it!!!

Also, here is my Youtube link to my SP 4449 video.

Update June 20, 2009 - Lookup the SP4449 on Twitter. They hope to post photo links from there for the Michigan trip!

Update July 3, 2009 - Watch the journey on Twitter, as it now heads East. Lookup SP4449.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Chuck Jones 'childhood memories'

"The road is better than the end..."

That is what Chuck Jones Uncle Lynn use to tell him, especially after Jones won his Oscars. Because once you have a project finished, you have to 'get back on the road' again...

TCM showed Chuck Jones: Memories of Childhood this evening. A 30-minute program with Chuck Jones sharing his thoughts about his childhood, while growing up on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood.

He said, as a child, he lived only two blocks from Charlie Chaplin's studio, and he use to walk over and peek through the fence, and watch Chaplin work. (He didn't say it, but he was watching at the time Edna was working with Chaplin.) What a treat! He said watching Chaplin helped his drawing over the years, even though he didn't think about it, at the time.

For those who may not know, Jones worked for Leon Schlesinger Studio, who created animated films for Warner Bros. The studio was bought by Warner Bros.

While with Warner Bros., Chuck created many famous characters, including Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.

I know I spent many a Saturday watching Looney Toons on television. A great favorite! Those cartoons are still amazing, and will always be a favorite of my. I do love the fact they were created by hand, and not with computers, like so many animated pieces are done today.

If you get a chance to see the documentary, do take a look.

Follow-up: One of several stories Jones shared was one about his father's failed businesses. They were not a rich family. His father was not a good person either to say the least, but each time his father failed, Chuck would get his father's company notepads and pencils. His father wanted the kids to use them, so it became Chuck's supply of paper and pencils to practice drawing with.

Victoria and Aurélia Thierrée at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre

Aurélia’s Oratorio
Berkeley Repertory Theatre - Fall 2009
Victoria and Aurélia Thierrée will perform at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre this fall, as part of the 09/10 theatre season.

The exact dates are not available, but the news release said they will be there over the holiday season:

Next, spend the holidays with Aurélia Thierrée, who literally grew up in the circus. Behind her velvet curtain lies a surreal world of surprises, a topsy-turvy time of tricks and transformations.

Welcome to Aurélia’s Oratorio, where the impossible happens before your eyes. The granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin, the literal heir to the Little Tramp, has charmed audiences around the world with this dazzling display of stage illusion. “She does wonder wonderfully,” gushes the London Guardian.

With dancing, puppetry, acrobatics, and more, Aurélia’s Oratorio is an inventive adventure set to a quirky score of chamber music and gypsy jazz. “She balances whimsy and wit, childlike wonder and adult élan, throughout her quietly magical show,” asserts the Boston Globe. “Her grace, her inventive and fluid movement, and above all her humor simply invite our delight.”

The Oratorio is written and directed by Aurélia’s mother, Victoria Thierrée Chaplin, who – along with her husband, Jean Baptiste Thierrée – created Cirque Bonjour, Cirque Imaginaire, and Cirque Invisible, innovative troupes that inspired Cirque du Soleil.

Berkeley Rep unveils this 90-minute spectacle, a concoction of mystery and fantasy for the whole family, in the state-of-the-art Roda Theatre. It’s “an absolute spellbinder,” declares the UK’s Daily Telegraph. “Like most vivid reveries, it momentarily colors the way you see the waking world.” - Berkeley Repertory Theatre

So if you live in the San Francisco Bay area and would like to see Chaplin's daughter at work in Aurélia’s Oratorio, mark your calendar and check their schedule for coming dates. (Season tickets are available for the Repertory.)

The players
Aurélia Thierrée grew up in show business, performing with her parents in intimate troupes that introduced the idea of cirque nouveau. She works as an actor, acrobat and illusionist in film, theatre and cabaret—most recently collaborating with the Tiger Lillies—and has given sold-out shows from London to Hong Kong.

Victoria Thierrée Chaplin is the daughter of Charlie Chaplin and the granddaughter of Eugene O’Neill. With her husband Jean Baptiste Thierrée, she created Cirque Bonjour, Cirque Imaginaire and Cirque Invisible, innovative troupes that inspired Cirque du Soleil. They toured the world, and trained their children in the exquisite art of the intimate circus. - Berkeley Repertory

The buzz
“She balances whimsy and wit, childlike wonder and adult elan, throughout her quietly magical show…Her grace, her inventive and fluid movement, and above all her humor simply invite our delight.”—Boston Globe

“An absolute spellbinder…an enchanting dream, and like most vivid reveries, it momentarily colors the way you see the waking world.”—London Daily Telegraph

“Touching and funny…As she pushes the boundaries of ‘normal’ theatre, Aurélia’s Oratorio provides a refreshing reminder that the best circus tricks are timeless.”—London Independent

“Awesome…It’s been a long time since I sat through a show with my mouth literally agape.”—Boston Herald

UPDATE: Live on the east coast? Missed the show because tickets were sold out? Here is your chance again. Aurélia’s Oratorio will be playing July 22- August 2, 2009 at the Loeb Drama Center, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Get your tickets now to not miss out!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Warner Bros. made to order film service

Rueters reports that Warner Bros. has become the first studio to offer 'made to order' films. To begin this service, one hundred and fifty films from the Warner archives have been made available. more>

To see what is currently available, check out this link to the Warner Shop Archive.

Updating the Chaplin Library

I have updated the Chaplin Library, the Latest Page and Database with the newest books in Dominique's collection.

And I have started updating the regular library, starting with the Russian Library page and the Japanese library page in the regular Chaplin Library. The Japanese page will include at this time, countries under the Pacific Rim. This includes our first Chaplin book from Cambodia.

I have also added these links in the Chaplin Library Index as well, for the Russian and Japanese books.

This takes a lot of time, but I will slowly updated the regular library a section at a time. The last to be updated will be the PDF files.

Note: On the Index page, I decided to go ahead and start listing the books from the LATEST PAGE to the main library INDEX. These will be unlinked for now and noted.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Electric Silents Film Festival in Harwich England

May 7-10, 2009
Electric Silents Film Festival
Harwich Electric Palace
Harwich in Essex England

Special showings of Sunrise, Piccadilly, Steamboat Bill Jr., A Cottage on Dartmoor, The Ring, The Adventures of Prince Achmed and more...

Special guest include Kevin Brownlow giving the keynote presentation 'Surprising Silents', and Bryony Dixon, curator of Silent Films at BFI showing a selections of films from the BFI archive (and much more at the Electric Palace!)

For a full brochure of the festival events, follow this link to a PDF file on our Silent Film Festival page. (Ticket information included.) Also, here is a link to more from the Electric Palace Cinema. Great three day event!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Slapsticon 2009

Slapsticon 2009 will not be held this year, due to the fact the theater it is held in is being remodeled. Watch for information for Slapsticon 2010 coming later this year.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

'Beyond the Sea' lyricist, Jack Lawrence, has died

Bobby Darin sang it, but Jack Lawrence wrote it. 'Beyond the Sea' was actually a French song, Lawrence created English words for, and it became a huge hit for Bobby Darin.

I remember this song connected with a popular cult TV show or maybe movie (too long ago to remember), but it is still a standard to this day. Here is a link to Bobby having some fun singing it on a television special many years ago.

Jack Lawrence was 96 years old. more>

Anne Akiko Meyers 'Smile'

I mentioned Anne Akiko Meyers 'Smile' in this post in 2007. Here is the latest about this recording, with an interview with Anne Akiko Meyers and her collection called SMILE.

"Smile" is an eclectic array of pieces from Schubert to "Somewhere over the Rainbow." These beautiful melodies represent her life, her passions and her diverse musical interests.

Anne Akiko Meyers opens this recording with the title track, "Smile," by Charlie Chaplin.

"When I first heard that I was just blown away," Meyers recalled. "It's music that you can really play from your heart when you're actually feeling some sadness. Like bittersweet nostalgia. I responded to that music almost immediately." - MPR, Minnesota Public Radio

Monday, March 16, 2009

Coy Watson Jr. has died

Silent film actor, Coy Watson Jr. has died at the age of 96.

Born November 16, 1912, Coy home was Edendale, California, where Mack Sennett Studios was located.

When Sennett studio needed a baby, Coy was hired at $5 per day. It was the beginning of his child acting career, which earned him the name 'The Keystone Kid'.

He made nearly 60 films, from bit parts to films with Marion Davies in "Show People" and with Jackie Coogan "Buttons".

In late years, Coy worked for ABC and CBS in California, as a cameraman.

He died Saturday in Alpine, California, after a long bout with cancer. more from the LA Times>

Other notes:
• The Watson Family have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
• He authored his book, The Keystone Kid: Tales of Early Hollywood, 2001.

"A charming memoir..." - Kevin Brownlow, Director & Film Historian

"The stories have the ring of truth..." - Bob Mondello, National Public Radio

"What a wonderful slice of Hollywood history!" - Leonard Maltin, Entertainment Tonight

Update Mar. 17th: I ordered Mr. Watson's book last night and it is in the mail now. I will share more, once I get it.

Update Mar. 24: The book arrived today! Full of rare images from Watson's collection, including many showing early day Sennett Studios.

TCM 10 part documentary on Hollywood in 2010

Turner Classic Movies plans to release in 2010 a 10 part documentary called Moguls and Movie Stars: A History of Hollywood.

"Our story will span more than 100 years of inventiveness and entertainment," said Wilkman in a statement.

"From Thomas Edison to Steven Spielberg, from Charlie Chaplin and Mary Pickford to Sean Penn and Kate Winslet, we'll tell the stories of Moguls and Movie Stars, the lives they've lived, the movies they've made and the impact they've had on lives around the world.

"TCM is known by lovers of great film as a destination for those who cherish the film industry's cinematic legacy; no network is better positioned to tell Hollywood's complete story than Turner Classic Movies. This is an epic project that promises to be a landmark event for TCM." - Digital Facility
Nearly a full day of Charlie Chaplin films on TCM April 16th!
Check this link for more!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

35 cent to over 300 thousand dollars

For my other interest section: A young boy bought the first Superman comic 12 years after its first release in June 1938. He paid 35 cents for the comic that originally sold for 10 cent.

He kept the comic and basically had it in storage until he placed it up for auction recently. His 35 cent investment fetched $317,200.00 this week.

He was keeping it in hopes it would go up in value. He got his wish. LINK

Chaplin's 67-foot statue hits religious opposition

I posted earlier about the 67-foot statue of Charlie Chaplin being built for a movie being filmed in Ottinene. The project is being protested now on religious grounds (Chaplin being seen as a Christian).

Chaplin wasn't a religious man, but interesting to see how religion is playing a role in this event. It sounds like they will be re-locating the statue, but here's a link to the latest news on this matter. LINK

Update March 15, 2009 - Activists Block Chaplin statue (Guardian UK)

Update March 21, 2009 - FINALLY, the Chaplin statue finds a place to go up near Bidadi. more>

Friday, March 13, 2009

Traveling in the 1920s

I thought I share this link to a silent film created in the 1920s by a tourist traveling to Palestine, Egypt, and finishing their trip in India. It is not done by a big budget film company, so it gives more of the favor of what it really was like.

Edna never traveled to these locations, but she did love traveling by ship.

In this film there is a great scene of passengers abroad the ship heading to India. I have still photos of Edna (and Charlie) abroad ship too, and it reminds me of some of the same things that happen on their trip(s).

So grab a hot cup of tea, and take this 19 minute journey back to the 1920s. LINK

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Remembering early day flight

Edna's husband, Jack Squire, flew for a few different airlines during his day. While he did fly passengers planes, his favorite was airmail flights to unique locations.

In the future I will be placing together films from Jack's personal film collection, but until that time here are a few YouTube links to different airplanes before 1940.

Jack did work for Pan Am about the same time as this first film.

Clipper ship - See more films at Travel Film Archive

• The first is a 38-minute film about Pan Am flights to South America. A very interesting 1935 tour of South America. (Jack and Edna lived in South America in the late 30s and early 40s) - LINK

• Sikorsky S-40 Flying Boat - (NOTE: In Jack's collection, he has a colour film of a similar model of this plane landing and unloading passengers). Great piece!) - LINK

• Latécoère 521 - Biggest Flying boat in its day - LINK

• A short 1931 film showing the first use of autopilot. - LINK

Rare Film Posters

The BBC is showing some of the rare film posters up for auction at Christie's, including a very nice silent film poster of Carl Theodor Dreyer's La Passion de Jeanne D'Arc.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

EP Book update and thoughts...

I have been working on Edna's second book the last three months. Mainly research, but also writing it too. It has not been easy, since I always been a loner (with language issues since childhood) and I never fit in the writing circles, or any circle for that matter.

And except for the great fans who have continued to stay in contact with Edna over the years (and I am very, very, grateful to all of you who have written in or just visited quietly), I find the general silent film community a bit too close knit, to easily get to know.

But that is partly me too, for I always been very shy and reserved since childhood. The writing ties right into that, being it is not easy for me.

People are very quick to judge, but very slow to understand.

But I found some great friends who do understand, so will always be grateful to them.

I found the first group I met in the UK excellent (warm and welcoming). But I felt a coldest from others over the years, to the point of someone involved with one well-known US group, told me to not come to their event, saying I wouldn't enjoy it. (I have a witness to back me up.)

It is no wonder why I don't feel like I fit in or feel welcome.

I have many issues to write about in this book, and finding information I have requested not coming in, and/or in some cases, I will most likely have to travel to find. Plus (while of no real interest to any of my readers, but only add because it slows down the project) a growing personal health issue, that is not going to go away. It is causing real problems in just doing normal things, but I can work around it at home, but not so much way.

While the health thing is just a side issue I have to deal with, the main issue is the writing. Many more personal things about Edna in this book I have to sort out.

One exercise I learned in college was an assignment where you had to write openly about yourself and things you saw in detail. It was excellent exercise, because we had to write openly about ourselves, than we had to find someone else to write about into a biography piece. We had to share it with the class.

It was very tough, especially if you have always been shy and reserve, but I can't be that way with this book. And I have to write with equal ease to men and women. I have the practice of throwing all my first thoughts out there and going back and piece by piece, re-writing, until it says clearly what I want to say.

Well, I had a chance to do it recently, on a private bases, with people I know, trust and actually met.

I don't know, but while working on it, I suddenly decided to remove all of it.

Writing about oneself is difficult, but important, if you are going to be honest about who you are writing about. And that is what I want to do with Edna's book. I just have to get over the roadblock, which is me. The rest you just deal with.

If you can't write honestly about yourself, you will never write honestly about anyone else.

Added note: I removed a post I had in here about me being related to Edna. It is true, I have learned, that we are cousins, but felt this news may not be of interest to the readers of this blog, and may only be of interest to the people who actually know me, since it is more on a personal nature than a public one.

And again, thanks very much to all the visitors regular and new! We are eying another milestone that could be broken in the not too far future.

Update March 19, 2009 - Just like to thank all the new fans who have bought The Sea Gull lately! Thanks ever so much!

Tintin, Spielberg and Jackson

"The Tintin comicbook series about a globetrotting teenaged boy reporter, which originated 80 years ago in Belgium, is wildly popular in many countries around the world. In the U.S., however, the character is little-known, especially among children." - Variety

File this one under my 'other interest file' as my husband has emailed me this piece from Variety about Tintin, Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson, about the much secret filming of Tintin, the movie. LINK

As for the statement above, it is basically true. You had to be into comics to have known about Tintin in the states. Superheros and Disney 'toons' ruled most of the shelf space where I lived. Tintin was not available in bookstores and for that matter, I never saw it in my libraries until ten years old, or so. (Probably as the internet got popular and people started requesting it.)

I did have to travel to a larger city to find any Tintin books to purchase in a store (even today). I found a very nice Tintin shop that opened about 2002, or so, in one city. But when I went back to that shop, about a year later, the shop had closed.

is a great comic, but was drowned out my American comics.

We have a local comic store, not usual for a town our size, I visited one day. I went there looking for Tintin and other UK and European comics. The owner at the desk made a face and continued to say there wasn't anything worth buying outside the US.

How wrong you are sir!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I located another Edna Purviance relative!

Note: I did find another relative. I have learned after many years of research, Edna is a cousin of my. But I removed the original post here, since I felt it may not be of interest to my regular readers and more of a personal item.

Only reason I placed this post backup is because of a link I currently can not change on another site. Thanks for visiting and please do see our other posts about Edna, Chaplin and much more.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Have you seen this Charles Chaplin doll?

We are looking for anyone who
might have seen this
Charlie Chaplin doll.

We do have some thoughts about it, as it could be a repaired original Chaplin doll or maybe a re-created doll from the porcelain head, hands and feet.

The dolls porcelain parts show great detail and age. We are lead to think this was re-built or recreated, due to the fact the feet have been reversed. Also some of the sewing details appear to be re-sewn.

Here is a list of more information on the doll:
• 490mm high (about 20 inches)
• all china and/or porcelain head, feet and hands
• hands once held a cane
• hat is made of felt (could have been made at a later date)
• hair, face and shoes all painted
• stuffing feels like rags or wool cotton
• hands show veins
• doll found in the UK
• Owner can not find any markings

If you have seen this Charlie Chaplin doll, or have seen parts of it, we would really like to hear from you. You can contact us at charlie[at]info-fx.com. Ednapurviance.org is helping the owner to seek information about this doll. Thanks for your help... Linda

Interested in Chaplin dolls? Here are a few more links:
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May 6, 2009 Update: Here is the post for Clint Matlock's Chaplin Doll.

June 25, 2010 - Update: Images of another one of these dolls. I don't have the complete information, but at least you can see another one that is with its original box. (Images sent and told from an auction. Probably ebay.)

Friday, March 06, 2009

Sydney Chaplin, Charlie Chaplin's son, has died

Sydney Chaplin, Charlie Chaplin's second son during his marriage to Lita Grey Chaplin, has died at his home in Rancho Mirage, California from complications after a stroke. He was 82.

March 30, 1926 - March 3, 2009

Sydney Earle Chaplin was born March 30, 1926, during the time his father was creating The Circus and producing The Sea Gull, A Woman of the Sea.

But Sydney's life with his parents, Charlie and Lita Chaplin, would not last long, as his mother took him and his brother, Charlie Chaplin Jr. away from Chaplin's home and started her long divorce from Chaplin.

Sydney and Charlie Jr. wouldn't return to Chaplin's home, until after the divorce, where they would meet Paulette Goddard in the early 1930s. Goddard would become the third Mrs. Chaplin (though there was no official paperwork of their marriage).

Lita Grey Chaplin was very grateful to Paulette. The boys loved her. Paulette became the perfect 'step' mother for the boys at Charlie's home during their visits.

Being around acting, Sydney co-founded a group called The Circle Theater in Los Angeles. His father took an interest in the group, as well.

Both Sydney and Charlie Jr. would play in Chaplin's film Limelight in 1952.

Sydney played the young composer, Neville, who was the love of Terry (Claire Bloom), the ballet dancer in Limelight.

Sydney would continue working in films and plays, including his role in Funny Girl, with Barbara Streisand and Bells are Ringing, with Judy Holliday.

Sydney would work again with his father in A Countess From Hong Kong. It was his last time working with his father.

A few months after the film opened, Sydney's brother, Charlie Chaplin Jr. died in 1968.

In the late 1980s, Oona Chaplin gave Sydney $500,000, which Sydney used to open a bistro in Palm Springs, California. The bistro didn't stay open for long, as he closed it in the mid-1990s.

Retired, he would travel to Charlie Chaplin events and gave talks about his father. He also appears in some of the documentaries created for his father.

Sydney had only one child, Stephen, with his wife Noelle Adams.

He married his current wife, Margaret Beebe, in 1998. He is survived by his wife, eight half-siblings (all from the marriage of Oona and Charlie), and one granddaughter.

Story at the LA Times.

Limelight - with Charles Chaplin and Claire Bloom (1952)
Land of the Pharaohs - with Joan Collins (1955)
Funny Girl - with Barbara Streisand (1964)

Bells Are Ringing - with Judy Holliday (1956)
(Dean Martin go the film role Sydney played.)

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Oregon Historical Society closes the Research Library

Another sad event, because of the current turn down. The Oregon Historical Society is closing there research library in Portland, Oregon.

I used this library myself, in researching the history of Charlie Chaplin during his Karno Tour in Portland, Oregon. Even at that time, nearly 10 years ago, the library was having trouble with funding.

We also had a cousin who worked in the library for several years in the late 80s and early 90s, and heard the inside story on the problems with funding. So this news is not surprising, but probably the norm, as we read of more closings around the world.

The Society is asking for help and placed together this special web page, at this link, to a special petition to sign. Below is information from that page.

We know it is not easy, with many people just trying to keep a roof over their head and a job to pay for it. But they are seeking 1000 signatures, so if you can help, please do so. And remember this is not just an Oregon issue, since libraries like this are used by researchers from around the world, doing research into Oregon's history.

From the Oregon Historical Research Library:

Approved March 1, 2009, 11:33 A.M.

Resolutions of the Associates of Northwest History Network with respect to the Oregon Historical Society Research Library

At the moment of marking its 150th anniversary of statehood, Oregon is on the verge of losing the very stuff of its history and its collective memory.

The Oregon Historical Society has announced the closure of its Research Library -- a nationally significant historical resource that is the fount of knowledge for all Oregonians who examine the past in order to understand the present. This action promises to break the Society's trust with its membership, with researchers and educators, and with all Oregonians, who for more than a century have been assured by the Society that their history would be cared for, tended to, and made available to a wide audience.

This is a tragedy that must be faced and a situation that must be resolved. These immense treasures -- millions of items comprised of photographs, diaries, books, manuscripts, newspapers, magazines and journals, maps and charts, business records, personal letters and papers, films, and sound recordings -- must not be allowed to fade into oblivion without our very public and personal efforts to rescue them.

The actions of the board and leadership of the Oregon Historical Society in closing the Research Library and firing its dedicated professional staff are unacceptable to the Northwest History Network, a nonprofit consortium of history professionals. The membership of Northwest History Network has approved the following resolutions:

Resolved, that the closure of the Research Library of the Oregon Historical Society is a critical blow to the people of the state of Oregon including hundreds of researchers, students and family historians and authors and filmmakers, and others; and,

Resolved, that this closure and the risks that it brings to the care and preservation of priceless historical materials deserves to be fully examined by concerned Oregonians; and,

Resolved, that while the Society's financial condition is critical and that it requires steep reductions in staff and programs, the maintenance of the Society's Research Library should be its highest priority; and

Resolved, that the Oregon Historical Society must acknowledge its responsibilities to its membership, to the research community, and to all Oregonians, to preserve and to make accessible research materials that have been entrusted to its care and funded by generations of Oregon citizens; and,

Resolved, that the Oregon Historical Society must work transparently and collaboratively to craft a sustainable solution for the Research Library and its irreplaceable collections; and

Resolved, we request the Governor appoint a task force to review the present situation and recommend a permanent and sustainable solution for the Oregon Historical Society Research Library.


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Chaplin Society of Japan Third Chaplin Festival

March 14-15, 2009 - Kyoto, Japan - The Chaplin Society of Japan is holding there Third Chaplin Festival in Kyoto, Japan March 14 and 15, 2009.

A featured event is the unveiling of nearly 400 photos of Charlie Chaplin, taken between 1916 and 1931. Hiroyuki Ono, Chaplin society chairman, arranged for this 'unveiling'.

The private collection will be displayed from noon until 6PM both days, at the former Rissei Primary School in Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto. more>

Monday, March 02, 2009

Charlie Chaplin's Cuba Posters for Auction

New York City
Sale Date March 12th, 2009
at 5:30PM at the International Poster Center

Two Original Charlie Chaplin Film Posters
Both film promotional posters from Cuba
by artist Eduardo Munoz Bachs
(note: This link is missing images, but does have a good selection of his work, including another Chaplin piece.)

Lot #129: Por Primera Vez/Chaplin
Year - 1968
Artist: Eduardo Munoz Bachs (1937-2001)
Silkscreen Print
Size: 30 x 45 inches (76. x 114.3 cm)
Condition A- (Slight tear at left edge)
Starting bid for this poster: $400
Value estimate: $800 to $1,000

#130: Cine Movil/ICAIC
Year - 1974
Artist: Eduardo Munoz Bachs (1937-2001)
Paper Print
Size: 30 x 45 inches (76. x 114.5 cm)
Condition A
Starting bid for this poster: $400
Value estimate: $800 to $1,000

For more information on these original Charlie Chaplin film posters, visit the www.postersplease.com, or call 212-787-4000. You can also email info[at]postersplease.com.

The auction house is located at 601 W. 26th St., 13th Floor. New York, NY 10001. Absentee and phone bids welcome. Free catalogue upon request.