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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Page from Charlie Chaplin's Past - MH Part 1

Part One of Six Parts...
August 3, 1920 - During Mildred's visit to New York

Mildred Harris Chaplin, who is stopping at a local hotel, denied today that she brought suit for divorce from her famous husband, Charles Chaplin, moving picture comedian. "I have signed no papers for divorce action", she stated. "I simply instructed my attorneys to bring suit for separation."

Mrs. Chaplin spoke very highly of her husband.

"There was no particular trouble," she said. "We just couldn't get along." My husband was not made for marriage. He is a man who should devote all his time to work. He is so nervous and irritable when working on a new picture that it is impossible to get along with him. He is a wonderful man, brilliant, but erratic."

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