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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Charlie Chaplin by Daniel Kent Henry - E-book

APRIL 12- Lately, I have been taking all my free time to work on Edna's biography, but I have added a few more books into the Latest Page of the Chaplin Library. Dominique has sent some new books to enter. One is from Thailand, but Dominique has questions about it. See the update for more. Daniel Kent Henry has a book called 'Charlie Chaplin'. It is an E-book and have been available on ebay, but upon checking recently, might be all gone at this time...

As for the drawing for The Chaplin CD it is still open until midnight Pacific Coast time, Monday, May 15th, 2006. (8AM UK time and 9AM European time on Tuesday morning.) I like to thank all the fans who have entered. Just some of the locations: CHINA, PAKISTAN, ENGLAND, IRELAND, SCOTLAND, CANADA, BELGIUM, GERMANY, SOUTH AFRICA, REPUBLIC OF CONGO, BRAZIL, SPAIN, AUSTRALIA, FRANCE AND FROM ALL OVER THE USA... (Hopefully, be might see one from Italy?) Good luck to everyone and thanks again for entering!

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