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Monday, September 03, 2007

Daytime Barber, Nighttime Tramp

Al Proietti, from Castro Valley in California, enjoys keeping the spirit of Charlie Chaplin alive. He has impersonated Chaplin for many years, from Niles, California to Taiwan. You can learn more about him from this link from the Oroville news site. more>

PS - A little fact checking... The site lists Chaplin as 5' feet 4" inches tall. In other reports, he is listed at 5' feet 6" inches, which matches more to Edna. Edna is officially listed at 5' feet 4" inches tall. If you look closely at the films you will see Edna is shorter than Charlie, especially when she doesn't wear a high heel.

In other books, Charlie has been reported to weight in at about 115 pounds about the time of the later Mutual films. In the film The Adventurer, one can easily see how lean he was at that time, as he swims in the ocean and saves Edna.

The site also has listed Chaplin appeared as the tramp the first time in 1917, which is not correct. Chaplin's tramp character first appeared with Keystone's Kid Auto Races in early 1914.

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