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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Best 'A Woman of Paris' for your Edna & Charlie Chaplin collection

While I am waiting for material from Great Britain to arrive for the Edna book I am currently working on, I thought I post about the best DVD to have in your collection of 'A Woman of Paris' starring Edna Purviance. The David Shepard re-release with Image Entertainment, replaced the film clips Charlie Chaplin removed during his re-edit of this film.

This DVD has the most complete film available for your 'A Woman of Paris' collection. It does come with Chaplin's last starring role in 'A King in New York'

I know, it is confusing to fans new to Chaplin, but Charlie re-edited all his copyrighted films from 1918-1967 for re-release (especially his early silent collections). The films Edna were in received some of the heaviest cuts, though, (The Gold Rush had many cuts too, from the original 1925 silent version, but Edna was not in this film).

Some of the scenes cut from Edna's films does help tell us Chaplin's original storytelling, but also hold clues, for a researcher, of Edna's life in films. Since the collection with Image have been out of print for several years, more important an ever, to try to get them for your collection.

Background of Paris: 'A Woman of Paris' was directed by Charlie Chaplin as the film to start Edna's independence film career. Instead, it nearly ended Edna's career (she would do two more films, both with all to some control by Chaplin) but Paris is the second to the last film she appears on screen (1927 Education de Prince' is on the list of missing films).

The film gave Chaplin critical acclaim as a great dramatic director, but except for Adophe Menjou (who was looking to boosting his career), if did basically nothing for the other players in the film. I will be covering this film from not only Edna's point of view but from other accounts during the filming. This film, as well as all of Edna's life, will have a fresh look, as well as a never before seen view of Edna Purviance, because her story has never been told.

Follow this link to the Image version. Note: I have gotten the $1.99 one from the comic bookshop seller and it was brand, new, sealed and matched exactly the one I bought in 2000. But buy from who you like to buy from.

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