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Friday, January 06, 2006

Edna Purviance - Unrest at Grand View

January 6, 2006
- This is a sad month. Not only because this is the month Edna Purviance passed away (January 13th, 1958), but her current resting place is in trouble.

When Edna Purviance died, she was arranged to be at Forest Lawn Cemetery. In fact, everything was done there and she is officially on the Dead Certificate as being interred at Forest Lawn. But Edna's sister, Myrtle, made a change after the papers were signed and moved Edna to Grand View. It appeared to be not needed, but was a cost saving move on Myrtle's part, but one that is haunting Edna now.

The Grand View Cemetery in Glendale, California is under investigation of many violations of California State Laws. Compliants and a lawsuit have been filed and on December 29th, 2005, Grand View Cemetery had locked their gates, due to "insurance restrictions". On January 4th, 2006, the gates were reopened, but people are not fully at ease with the management. On January 19th, 2006, a hearing is scheduled.

Many stars are buried at this cemetery, including silent star Harry Langdon, Leo White and actor Chill Wills. Hopefully, this will be resolved, and family and friends will see the return of this historical cemetery to its former glory.

A special thanks to Edna fan, Mark McKenzie, for information. A follow up report on Edna's site to come...

January 20th - no new reports as the the afternoon of January 20th... Hearing was set for January 19th.

January 28 - no new reports at this time.

UPDATE - March 27th: Next court date has been listed for April 20th. The current managers have been ordered off the grounds and appears they will not be re-instated.

Update April 21 - No new reports, yet...


Mark said...

Pretty sad a silent star and pioneer like Edna is at a rundowned and troubled place like Grandview (along with other stars. She deserves a more fitting and dignified resting place. Thanks for sharing this info with other fans Linda.
(Trivia: Ronald Reagan and his first wife were married at Forest Lawn Glendale Chapel.)

Edna's Place said...

It is sad,and to think it has been going on for awhile before officials took closer notice. I hope new management will come to this place and clean up the problems, but sounds like much damage has already been done.

Edna was at Forest Lawn, but the future of Grandview in 1958 couldn't be seen when a decision was made to change it. You just never know.

Madison Purviance resting place is a beautiful one just off a highway between two small towns. It is all in the management of these places, and with people who care. Sadly Edna's is just under very poor management. Hopefully things will change.

Thanks Mark...

Edna's Place said...

I placed some of this with Mark's Tribute page to Edna on the site. Link on the home page toward the bottom section. More will be added later... L