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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Jan. 17th Question and Film

Jan. 17th - Thanks for your emailed answers this last week. The answer for the question was Lita Grey in the films, 'The Kid' as the flirting angel and 'The Idle Class' the maid to Edna. The other maid in that film was Lita's mother, Lillian McMurray. Lita's name was actually Lillita McMurray. Lita Grey was the name the Chaplin studios gave her when she signed to work as leading lady in 1924, but never filled the role and became Mrs. Chaplin, instead.

Next week, 'A Woman of Paris' will be on TCM on January 24th, so that is my film pick. The question for next week should be an easy one again: What were the names of Edna's last films? Post in comments or email at Edna's site. Thanks for visiting!

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