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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Edna Purviance Amazon Page

A couple of years ago I created a few US guides for Charlie Chaplin DVDs & Videos, Music and Books. I also created the section with links to Amazon. Sells of items from those pages add nothing to your cost, but helps the Edna project a bit with research material. If you ever done anything like this, you know the kind of cost involved. I created the guides to help you find Chaplin related material, after being inspired by Chaplin UK Video Guide.

Today, I was just checking Edna's stats and found this link from Amazon about Edna Purviance website. I don't exactly know when this page on Amazon was created, but interesting to see. I actually didn't know Amazon did this sort of thing, for I usually digging around finding other material on Amazon.

It says something about the Speed slow. Edna has always had many graphics, so people on phone modems would find it slow, but not all pages are slow to load, just the ones with more graphics, just happen to be lots of graphics. It is fast with DSL and cable modems.

It will be nice when phone modems are in the past and everyone can afford high speed internet. Getting better every year. As for this Amazon page, interesting to see, but looking forward to Edna's first book on Amazon one of these days. (Which means I better get back to it...)

Notes: Music section - New Essental Chaplin Collection coming soon. Added a re-lease conbination of Stanley Black's 'A Tribute to Charlie Chaplin'. Thanks to Mark at Hollywood Time Machine for the tip (Mark is updating his website at this time). I will update the DVD guide with the new Mutual collection when ready. For the latest on books from Chaplin, check out the LATEST section of the Chaplin Library. It has the latest books in Dominique Dugros 400 plus Chaplin book collection from early books to recent. Speaking of books, you can also pre-order Silent Traces from Amazon at this time. Release August 2006.

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