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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Charlie Chaplin Music Drawing

Update March 25, 2006
First off, a very special thanks to Garen Ewing, at webbledegook (his personal blog site) for a very nice mention of the contest! Thank you very much Garen!

Because of the contest, I am posting a bit differently on the blog than in the past few month. Under the LINK Chaplin & Edna Events, I will be updating new events or bit of news on that link, rather than special new post. I will see how it goes.

(Well, when you have the Hollywood Series on DVD, that DESERVES TOP BILL! Very exciting news for us waiting patiently for years... You made a lot of fans very happy!!!)


Charlie Chaplin The Essential Music Collection is planned for release in the UK April 10th.

• Currently, work continues on the book project for Edna. It is a big project, but truly looking forward to more details going public, as soon as we are ready.

• March 24th - On Edna's site, I have been updating the Chaplin Library (Dominique Dugros Collection). The Latest Page HAS all new additions. I updated all the PDF files. All the current books from the updated LATEST PAGE are listed in the INDEX PDF FILE.

• Here is a link for you Buster Keaton fans from DVD Times about The Buster Keaton Chronicles released this last February in the UK...

June 2 & 3, 2006 in Sheffield, England, a new play called 'Silent' will be presented. Created by Lee H. Smith. Check this link for details.

For now, thanks to the fans who have entered so far and thank you Garen, very much, for the post! A note of congratulations to Garen on being represented by A.P. Watt, literary agency of London, for Garen's outstanding work on RAINBOW ORCHID.

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