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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Edna's Place, one year today

Edna's Place
has been on the web for one year now. When I started, I didn't know how this would go, but with a hearty thanks to all of you, we are starting our second year. I plan to be reporting more on Edna's first book 'The Sea Gull' in a few weeks and also have a Cinecon report in the works, so more on those later.

Since I started my first Edna's Place posting on picture palaces and organs, I will start this first 201 posting on a small piece about Chaplin's idea to start a music hall film in 1925.

After Chaplin finished a picture, he would have either no ideas or several ideas in mind for his next one. He had several ideas in the case after 'The Gold Rush'. One of his ideas was a story based on the London music hall life, a life he knew well.

Chaplin's Next Will be London Music Hall Film
"Charlie Chaplin next production will not be a screen version of a story called "Dandy". When Chaplin returned from New York he had other ideas in mind than making 'Dandy', so then got to work on two different stories. He finally decided to make one of London music hall life, with a blending of theme and ideas of 'Suicide Club' in it. Work on this picture will start about December 10th. Chaplin, of course, will direct and, as in all his pictures, Henry Bergman will be in the cast. Georgia Hale may also play the lead in her second picture for him." From Variety November 24, 1925...

He didn't do it this time, he made "The Circus" instead, and his leading lady was Merna Kennedy. But in the early 1950s, he would create his last US film 'Limelight' which was about the London music hall days of his youth.

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