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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Gasless Sundays

Gasless Sundays are Thoroughly Observed in New York City
"If any one were inclined to question the patriotism of the American people it would only be necessary for him to spend a few minutes on the streets of New York or any other eastern city on one of these gasless Sunday mornings to be convinced as to the utter groundlessness of his skepticism, for there is absolutely nothing to be seen in the shape of conveyances, except baby carriages, street cars and a few antiquated vehicles drawn by quadrupods of an almost forgotten species.

This is true, notwithstanding the millions of automobiles for which our people have paid billions of dollars, having in mind primarily the fact that their possession would enable them to spend the one weekly holiday healthfully and pleasurably in the open air of country.

While there is no federal statue covering this matter, the observance of the governments' request has been so complete that more than 21,000,000 gallons of gasoline have already been saved in this matter for the war requirement of the government."

Review-Miner - Lovelock, Nevada - Friday, October 18, 1918.

News from Edna's days... A timely piece with gas issues in the news and a war going on, not then, now.

(Update: The closest price I could find for a barrel of oil in 1918 was $1.23 a barrel and a gallon of gas about 20.5 cent a gallon.)

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