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Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Sea Gull will be available in Lovelock, Nevada

Latest Edna News: With a special thanks to Kirsten Hertz, with the Greater Pershing Partnership (Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Authority in Lovelock, Nevada), The Sea Gull "A Woman of the Sea" by Linda Wada will be available at Kirsten's gift shop A Little Something.

The gift shop is located across the street from the Lovelock Post Office and just a short walk from the Pershing County Courthouse. (Courthouse is the former location where Edna's schoolhouse once was located.)

This will be the first time a book featuring Edna will be available in Lovelock. There will be signed and unsigned editions available. (Signed editions will be wrapped with a photo inside.)

Background: Lovelock is where Edna spent her childhood years between November 1898 to July of 1913. (She was born in Paradise Valley, Nevada in October 1895.)

I had 'chats' over the years, about doing a walk in Lovelock some day, but if you do visit Kirsten's shop, you will be just across the street from where Edna spent a lot of her childhood days, dancing, horseback riding, spending time with her family, etc. on the lot once was owned by the Hill family.

Edna lived on Railroad Street, just a block south of the Lovelock Train Depot. Edna's home is gone now (torn down in the mid-1940s by the owners of the Up-To-Date Laundry). The building where the laundry once ran, still exists, but the empty space to the north side is where Edna's home and family lodging business once stood.

In The Sea Gull book you can see Edna's home and what the laundry building looked like in 1913, just days after Edna left Lovelock to go to school in San Francisco.

Edna could walk pass Bessie's home everyday, when going to school.

Edna's sister, Bessie Purviance Hill, had her first home on the large lot once owned by the Hill family. The lot today houses the Lovelock Post Office (original location of Hill Hall, which was the first city hall in Lovelock and built by Sidney Buckingham Hill in 1904) and just south of the hall, Bessie Purviance Hill's first Lovelock home. Sidney built their home soon after there marriage in 1902. Their son, Sidney Morgan Hill (Lita Hill's father) was born there.

All that is gone now, but when you look across the street from Kirsten's gift shop, you might be able to imagination Edna and Morgan dancing at one of the many events during their childhood at Hill Hall. (They became a very good team, and even won awards for their dancing in later years.)

Do take a stop in, if passing by Lovelock, or make Lovelock part of your planned Nevada tour. When in Lovelock, support Kirsten's and other businesses in the area.

Note on the schoolhouse: Edna's old school was actually moved to make room for the county courthouse. More about Edna's life will be in the future book about Edna and her family, currently called Purviance.

From the Interstate, there are three off ramps for Lovelock. The middle off ramp leads you to downtown and directly to the Courthouse. It also goes across the railroad tracks and right by the Lovelock Depot (nice stop for an ice cream or other goody). Kirsten's shop is just across the post office building about three blocks up the street.

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