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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Just a few Questions

Just a few answers to a few questions that come in once and a while....

How many children did Charlie Chaplin have?
• 11 total
• One son with Mildred Harris Chaplin - Baby died shortly after birth
• Two sons with Lita Grey Chaplin
• Eight children with Oona O'Neil Chaplin - between the years 1944-1962

How many times was Charlie Chaplin married?
• Four times, but three for sure:
(Mildred Harris, Lita Grey and Oona O'Neill).
Paulette Goddard and Charlie were also married, but they could never prove it with an official marriage license. (check out comments, as well)

What was wrong with Charlie Chaplin's mother?
• She was mentally ill and had to be taken care of for most of Chaplin's life. Charlie and his brother Sydney, brought her to America to live her remaining years.

English words to the song Charlie Chaplin is singing in Modern Times?
• There is no real words to the song Chaplin sang in Modern Times, as he made it up. But if you watch the film, you can see the words Charlie was met to sing, but never could remember. Paulette was writing the words on his cuffs (which flew off).

When did Charlie Chaplin and Paulette Goddard break up?
• The break up was happening, even as the filming of The Great Dictator was in process, but Paulette officially received a 'divorce' in June 1942. They 'married' while on a trip to the Orient, after the filming of 'Modern Times'.

Which Charlie Chaplin's wife was murdered?
• This is an odd question, but none of them. Only the wives in the film Monsieur Verdoux were murdered.

How did the feeding machine work in Modern Times?
• It is said, Chaplin worked the controls of it, himself.


Anonymous said...

Great questions, and answers! On the subject of Chaplin's marriage to Paulette, author Jeffery Vance claimed both Chaplin's long-time associate Jerry Epstein and his cousin Betty Tetrick were told by Chaplin that he and Paulette were never officially married, except in common-law.

Edna's Place said...

Thanks Paul. I decided to place the post up, as I had it in the wings.

Since they were both divorced upon meeting, they certainly did what was right for them at the time. And Paulette was great for Charlie's kids, which I believe Lita Grey agreed on.