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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Edna Purviance films for the coming weeks...

Here is a list of coming showing of Edna's films in the coming weeks and months...

Los Angeles - The Cinefamily
Charlie Chaplin 35MM Tour

Check Cinefamily website for times - LINK
Sept. 8th - Pay Day
Sept. 15th - Sunnyside
Sept. 22nd - The Pilgrim
Sept. 29th - A Woman of Paris
Oct. 13th - The Kid and A Dog's Life

San Francisco - The Castro Theatre
Janus Films Presents Charlie Chaplin

Check the Castro Theatre website for times - LINK
Sept. 18th - The Idle Class and A Day's Pleasure
Sept. 19th - A Dog's Life and Sunnyside
Sept. 20th - Pay Day
Sept. 21th - The Kid
Sept. 22 - Shoulder Arms

Amherst, Massachusetts - Amherst Cinema
Charlie Chaplin 35MM Tour

October 17th - The Kid and The Idle Class

Durham, North Carolina - The Carolina Theatre
Charlie Chaplin 35MM Tour

Sept. 27-Oct. 7th - Check this site for times and dates

Minneapolis - The Trylon
Charlie Chaplin 35MM Tour

November 5 and 6 - Chaplin Shorts (check this link for films and times)
November 12, 13 and 14th - A Woman of Paris and Pay Day

Seeing this link for more updates on the Chaplin 35MM Tour

More showings
Fremont, Calif. - NILES - Edison Theater
Check Niles website for more details - LINK
Sept. 18th - A Night at the Show
October 17th - A Woman of Paris, A Night Out and A Jitney Elopement
(Birthday showing for Edna)

Kankakee, IL. - Paramount Theatre
Check schedule for more information - LINK
September 30th - The Immigrant (with Ben Model's new musical score)

Salem, Oregon - The Elsinore Theatre
Check the Elsinore Theatre - LINK
October 13th - Work and The Cure

Have TCM in the US? Edna & Charlie on TCM in November
Check your local listings
November 10th - The Immigrant
November 17th - The Kid and The The Pilgrim

There are lots of events scattered about the world, so check your listings for events. You maybe surprised and find one near you.

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