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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jane Mercer Lecture with Kevin Brownlow

Jane Mercer Memorial Lecture "My Life in Archives" by Kevin Brownlow, produced by FOCAL International in association with Royal Television Society London Centre. Filmed and edited by Gerry Lewis Productions.

UPDATE September 19, 2010: And I was very kindly contacted by Gerry Lewis, with Gerry Lewis Productions, and he send us the link that goes directly to FOCAL International, the producers of this great program with Mr. Brownlow.

If you want to see at a higher quality and learn more about this production, please follow this Link to FOCAL International: www.focalint.org

Part One

Link: www.focalint.org

Part Two

Link: www.focalint.org

Part Three

Thanks to editor and filmmaker of this program, Gerry Lewis, for the updated information. You can learn more about FOCAL International at this link.

And also to the original twitter feed about this program from 'silentRobert'.


Garen said...

Thank you for posting those Linda - just had an 'extended lunch break' watching them. Kevin Brownlow's so good!

Edna's Place said...

So glad you enjoyed those, Garen! And you are so right!