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Thursday, October 14, 2010

David Kiehn, '60 Minutes'

Morley Safer with David Kiehn

From Michael Bonham at the Niles Museum:
"This Sunday, October 17, at 7PM (Pacific Time) in a segment of 60 Minutes our historian David Kiehn will be interviewed by Morley Safer about David's research into the making of the Miles Bros. film "A Trip Down Market Street" (1906). After many years of uncertainty, David discovered that the film was made 4 days before the great San Francisco earthquake. The 60 Minutes segment was taped in and around our museum in Niles." - Niles

Update: Below is a series of videos about this film.

Update Oct. 17th: And HERE is the story, as shown on CBS NEWS this evening and promotion piece just belong it.

This is the video. Actually, I remember posting this when I was showing images of San Francisco, when Edna first saw it before the April 1906 earthquake. Edna's stepfather, Robert Nurnberger, had family who lived in California. In 1905, he took Edna and her mother, Louise, on Edna's first visit to California.

Note: Niles is having Edna's Birthday Party on Sunday, starting at 4PM.

Here is a side by side:

Down Market Street, after the quake:

Thanks to Rena for the updated link for the '60 Minutes' preview'.
Also, here is a link from The San Francisco Gate about the research.

Update Oct. 17th: Excellent segment by Morley Safer. Watch 60 Minutes site for more.

Also here is the video restored as shown on CBS NEWS Rewind with Morley Safer

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