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Friday, March 02, 2012

'Show People' (1928) needs a quality DVD release!

With The Artist going into the widest release today, I hope it appears near you, and you will take the time to see it. Wonderful film, I really loved, and I have seen three times since January.

Meanwhile, there has been lots of people putting lists up of silent films to see. I have posted The Artist director's, Michel Hazanavicius, list earlier this week. I will be posting a few more silent films myself. Ones I have tested over the years with people, who don't normally don't watch silent films.

This is a film I would recommend, and I am really hoping a quality DVD will be released of it. Called, SHOW PEOPLE (1928), it is owned by TCM, part of the MGM collection. No quality DVD of this film is available at this time, only copies from VHS tapes and recordings off of TCM broadcast, which I wouldn't want anyone buying. There are a few high priced VHS tapes of the film still being re-sold, but a proper DVD release has not been made of this film.

It's a wonderful comedy starring Marion Davis, and one of her best! There is plenty in here, that reminds me of The Artist, but with a different story, with a small town girl coming to Hollywood and struggling to get a job in show business. I don't want give away the plot, but it loaded with footage, filmed right in Hollywood and with the big stars from that day.

It's the perfect film to watch for a double bill with The Artist, just no quality DVD of it. This video is a very poor image of the film, but has just a taste. Write TCM to let them know, we love to have a quality release of SHOW PEOPLE.

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