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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Special Guest Charlie Chaplin Question

Dec. 11 - In honor of Edna's fifth year, a special quiz question from Garen Ewing, Charlie/Edna fan, and creator of the award winning Rainbow Orchid. He didn't know this would be part of a tribute to Edna's fifth year, but I thought it was the perfect time to do it. Garen's question is a Chaplin question and does fit the latest broadcast on BBC:

Garen's question:
"Everyone knows Richard Attenborough made the biopic 'Chaplin' in 1992, but in which Chaplin film does Richard Attenborough appear?"

Send your answers by email or leave on the comment page. As for the last question the answer was 'Triple Trouble' and 'Work'.

I have a change up for the film and like you to visit RAINBOW ORCHID instead. This award winning comic is being currently created by Garen Ewing. You can read the finished episodes he has done now, and follow the development of the project. Also, see if you can spot Garen's interest in Edna in this stunning work. Check out Garen's Chaplin UK DVD and Video Guide. And check out his other great sites as well, including The Second Anglo-Afghan War.

Note: Due to some server problems experience and not enough time to fix the sites on some of the links to my special entry about Edna entering her fifth year, I had to remove that entry for now. I will be working to repair those older sites and replace the entry back soon. Thanks...


Garen said...

To be fair, this is a pretty obscure question!

Edna's Place said...

I will be leaving the question up into next year to give more people a chance. It is also the holiday season, so the answers have been a little slower by email even. Edna's fans are busy with Christmas, as normal this time of year!

As a side note, Edna and her family loved the Christmas holiday, and whenever possible, had a special family gathering. Being together was the most important part during her years in Nevada.

I hope you have a great holiday Garen, and thanks for visiting!