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Friday, December 02, 2005

Stage by Stage - A.J. Marriot

Dec. 2, 2005 - 'Stage by Stage' by A.J. Marriot has spent many years researching Chaplin's work on the stages from the UK, before Charlie Chaplin reached films. It is exciting to me, because I had a long interest in this same area researching the Karno Tour in the USA. I like to thank Mr. Marriot for his recent links to Edna after I shared information from my file on Denver, Salt Lake and San Diego.

Dominique Dugros has updated his collection in the Chaplin Library recently, where you will find Mr. Marriot's book listed on the Chaplin Library LATEST page.

UPDATE DECEMBER 6TH, 2005 - I was excited and surprised about seeing this about the Karno Tour, because I spent many years researching the Karno Tour in the USA myself and saw things exciting from my own research of the tour but had no idea someone from the UK was doing the same thing until November 25, 2005. I have contacted Mr. Marriot and he has kindly given Edna's links under Denver and Salt Lake City, which I supplied information he did not have for those cities and help him confirm the San Diego dates, as well. It is not easy as I spent seven years researching and gathering information myself on Karno. I have 60% of the tour documented with nearly all the western cities and mid-western dates fully documented. I have some of the eastern dates, but the hardest part is getting the films from from the east. I know from all my years working on Karno research and on Edna research just what it takes to gather the information, so congratulations to Mr. Marriot on his research. -
Linda, ednapurviance.org

PS - to my librarian friends, Rita and JoAnne, a special thanks to you for all the help you have done over the years for both my projects! And to my husband, Wes, who knows how much I love research. You will be credited in Edna, for sure!

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