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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Jan. 10th Question and Film

Jan. 10th - I like to thank the fans who emailed their answers into Edna. Some of you mentioned it was a bit hard, since you knew the film, but could not find the clip. If you own the Chaplin Collection by Warner with "A King in New York", you will not see the answer to this question because the section Richard Attenborough name appears is edited out. If you have the David Shepard's version (the one that has the original release film version of this film), you will see Attenborough's name on the theatre marque just before Charlie Chaplin enters the theatre during the New York City street scenes.

Special thanks again to Garen Ewing for this special question! And don't forget to check out Garen's Rainbow Orchid. An excellent comic book Garen is currently working on.

For my next question, something easier. As you should know, Lita Grey became the first signed replacement leading lady for Chaplin, but Lita would later marry Charlie and Georgia Hale would become Chaplin's official leading lady after Edna Purviance. Lita played in two Chaplin films. What were the films and what were Lita's roles?

As before you can go to Edna's site to send in your answers, or leave your guesses at the comment section.

And for the film this week I am selecting 'Easy Street'. Released January 1917, it was one film I do wish I could hear, since Edna was an excellent piano player and could sing and did many times during her Lovelock years. Thanks for visiting and have a good day! (If you are new, check out the other entries, as you may find something of interest here at Edna's Place.)


Anonymous said...

Speaking of hearing Edna. In your research, have you found anything about her recording her voice at all? I would love to hear her, and if there is nothing anywhere where fans can hear her, it will be a shame!

Edna's Place said...

Hello Megan,
Not any firm leads, but some very, very, slim ones, that have not proven to be anything yet. So to answer your question for now, no, I have not found anything. I do know from her grand nieces that Edna's voice was a bit deeper in tone, than some people might think. If she sang, she would have sang alto. So if she was recorded, she wouldn't have the problems as some women with higher pitched voices. But Edna personally felt she didn't have the voice for sound recordings, maybe because it was deeper than most women. She also smoked, like so women did in those days. It was just the way it was. And the smoking did effect her voice as well, as it does, after years of doing it.

Thanks for visiting, Megan... If we do find a recording, we certainly will let people know about it... L

Edna's Place said...

Just a little follow up, Edna's grand nieces Lita and Ellie, said they thought Edna had a good voice, but it was Edna who thought she didn't. So just a personal thing Edna felt... L