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Saturday, July 08, 2006

A non-Edna or Chaplin message...

This could be the 'good old days' for the internet...

Because I do have a website I enjoy running, I am concerned about the push to make the internet private. There are many companies that would love to see the internet go private and are pushing for it right now. The internet is public at this moment, but many corporations want to control the freedom we have on it now. Corporations want to control the internet for the their own proposes, with profit being one of their goals and controlling the freedom of speech on it as well.

With a major US election coming up in less than two years, they would be very interested in silencing voices that can be heard now. If you believe in freedom of speech and enjoy the freedom the internet has given you, I recommend you support people that believe in the internet staying in the public domain and not be privatized.

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