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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Record Day on Edna's Site and reminder...

Yesterday, Edna's site had a record day for visits. I am not going to get into numbers, but it was four times higher than the last record day since the site has been online. While I get few emails from Edna's site, I can see in the stats that people are visiting from around the world. I like to thank all the people who visit the site, especially the ones that return again and again. Edna is not like a 'hot' gaming site, or anything like that, but it has been good to see the numbers grow over the years.

While this is not big news for popular sites, I am pleased and watching for the day Edna will reach over million pages read. At the current rate, it will be this year.

Also, I am posting THIS LINK again about Lita Hill, Edna's grand niece. She is the main feature on the upcoming video on Edna. Lita knew Edna for over 20 years and lived with her during most of the 1950's (fulltime between July 1951 thru 1953 - part time 1954 until late 1955.).

(And a bit of news in this: Lita lived with Edna during the time of the filming of Limelight and according to Lita, there were no trips to Chaplin Studio for Edna to play any bit role in that film. When you see the video, you will know why.)

I am planning a short special video peek on Edna's site from our interview recording we did in April 2005. As for the full video being prepared for Hollywood, I have it nearly complete.


Mark said...

A tribute your hard work and a great site!!

Edna's Place said...

Thanks Mark, and to your support and information you have sent us over the years. And I extend the thanks to my husband, Wes, for his editing help and to Dominique (and his wife, Emeline) who made the Chaplin Library possible.