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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Charlie Chaplin Library - LATEST

Dominique and I have updated the Chaplin Library Latest Page with the current additions in Dominique's Charlie Chaplin Book Collection. Nearing 500 books, look to see books on Chaplin from the 1910's to 2006.

Two of the newest publications included on the Latest page: 'Silent Traces' by John Bengston under the English section and 'Un Comico Vede IL Mondo' by Lisa Stein under the Italian section. (Lisa is well-known for her great site thelittlefellow.org and Discover Chaplin newsletter.) You can read about Lisa's book at her site, plus, she was involved with 'Silent Traces'.

I personally have seen 'Silent Traces' and find it should be of interest to any person interested in films and the old Los Angeles/Hollywood area. Chuck full of images with well researched film locations from Chaplin's films.

Library Notes: Except for books noted as 'in the current library', the books on the LATEST page are not listed on any other section of the library at this time. All books in the library are listed by country. Authors names are listed in order under each country. If a book has no author, the book is listed at the last page of each section.

Because we are reaching over 500 entries, I will be making some changes to the library in the future to handle the new additions. Enjoy your visit!

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