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Sunday, September 03, 2006

From CINECON in Hollywood

Hello from Hollywood, California, the day after our film event Edna Purviance "The Angel from Nevada". We had a standing room only crowd! We did a seat count and we had 140-150 people in the room, with people standing along the back wall. I was at the back door bringing in more chairs as people continue to come in, after all the seats were taken. We had double applause at the end and met many people after the show was over.

We extended our thanks to everyone who attended! It was great to see a few long time fans and meet many new! We like to send a special thanks to longtime Edna fan Mark McKenzie for flying in to visit us here!

I am planning a Cinecon report for the site. Watch for it in the coming weeks! That is all from Hollywood for now... Many thanks! Watch for a new EDNA and CHARLIE story coming soon! AND see Edna's home page about our first BOOK on EDNA!

Cinecon Classic Film Report


Garen said...

Fantastic - well done, well deserved.

Edna's Place said...

Thank you Garen! It was an unbelievable weekend!

Edna's Place said...

It was very nice to meet you and very good to hear you enjoyed the film. So glad you got to talk to some people too. It was a bigger crowd than we ever thought we would have. So glad Lita was able to make it out. She had a wonderful time meeting so many Edna fans... It was an unbelievable day!

Thanks very much for coming!

bookwormaddict said...

I really wish my grandpa and I could have made it to the show. That would have been magical:)

Edna's Place said...

It would have been great to have you both! We have to say, we were very pleased and surprised to see the room filled and the great response!

I saw your other note too, about Edna in her youth. She did look like a doll. In the video, you would have seen a few more pictures of Edna in her youth, as a teen, but especially in her later years, after her film career.

A note and just something that is being thought about, but not settled. I am thinking of doing a showing on the east coast, maybe next year. But just a thought right now. Thanks for visiting!

Francine B. said...

I would like to know if it will be possible for fans far from Hollywood (Québec, Canada) to see the film? I can't imagine that I'll never see ....! (Excuse my english, my first language is french).

Edna's Place said...

Hello Francine,
We nearly had a couple of showing on the east coast this year, but do have others interested in doing a showing, as well. Just takes the right event, but understand, with you in Canada.

I do have plans for a release in the future, but right now, trying to finish Edna's first book, The Sea Gull and second book, her Biography.

Sea Gull has taken longer, but mainly because of new information and additions since the first book was planned.

Watch our site for future information on showings.

Thanks for writing in!