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Monday, December 04, 2006

Grand View - Gag Order Withdrawn

December 4, 2006 - Glendale News report that "Attorneys for Grand View Memorial Park withdraw a motion to restrict speech of opposing lawyers". If this was in place, attorneys would have been kept from speaking publicly about the case.

In other GV news, the LA County Corner's said they will 'announce' the cause of Marsha Howard's death in about seven weeks.

I recently have been in contact with LA writer Lisa Burks. Lisa has taken a personal interest in the happenings at Grand View, since she lives near GV. Her in-depth stories have appeared in LA Daily News and on her blog at valleynews.com.

Lisa has some photos at Grand View. One shows the Edna picture and rose fan Mark McKenzie left for Edna. There are many other GV photos as well.

In the meantime checkout Edna's special page for links and for a time line of the happenings at Grand View. See Lisa's link in Edna's Place Links for reports. Also check back for more updates.

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