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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Some Water Back to the Owens Valley

"There it is... it's yours!" were the words said this week in the Owens Valley as gates were open to send water down the Owens River once more.

In our Hollywood Cinecon Report I touched upon the water issues in Los Angeles County and how The Owens Valley had their water taken for LA County use in 1913. Yesterday, a bit of that water has been 'returned' to the Owens Valley after decades of legal battles.

It's not going to return the Owens Valley back to pre-1913 era, when the water was 'aqueduct' away to LA, but will bring life back to a river long dried up. The residents can watch a rebirth of a river.

You can listen to the story at National Public Radio. Having been to the Owens Valley and Lone Pine area a few times, it was very welcome news to wake up too.


marilyn.mccoppen@gmail.com said...

I just wanted to let you know that my grandmother was very good friends with Edna Purviance when she lived in SanFrancisco. They were in business school together there, and she remembers Charlie offering Edna a job. My grandmother also volunteered her housecoat as one of the props that was needed for one of his early films. My grandmother died in 1988, but she always told us the story of Edna and Charlie. Edna was very much in love with Charlie, it seems, and told my grandmother all about it.

Just thought I would add that. My grandmother's name was Giselle Kovacs. They may even have been roommates at onepoint, though I'm not sure.
I do know that Giselle thought Charlie should marry Edna, as they were having an affair and it was not common to be so open in those days. But it wasn't to be. My grandmother retired to Santa Barbara and lost touch with Edna inlater years.

Edna's Place said...

Hello Marilyn,
Very nice hearing from you! It is great to hear about someone who knew Edna during her San Francisco business school days. I will be in touch with Edna's relatives to see if they might have heard about your grandmother. I will also check my files.

It would be great to 'talk' to you more. We may have photos of your grandmother, since we have many photos of Edna's friends. You can email me through Edna's Place. Just click on the profile to find the email address.

Thanks very much for sharing your story today!