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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Special Announcement about Edna January 17th, 2007

On January 17th, I will be making a special announcement of a major find about Edna Purviance. That is all I have to say, until the 17th of January.

UPDATE: January 17th LINK


Anonymous said...

How exciting - any hints between now and then would ease the suspense!

Edna's Place said...

Sorry, Paul... no hints! :-)

Besides I always like that feeling of suspense, something to look forward too. So you just have to wait until January 17th, 2007.

I will leave one little hint, I usually post new items at Edna's 12midnight UK time, since I have many European and UK visitors. But this one I think I will post at MIDNIGHT BLOGGER Time (that is 12 Midnight Pacific coast time.) Just in time for 8AM morning tea in the UK.

Anonymous said...

I haven't visited this site for some time...(apologies)...but having just logged onto it I must say that something is definitely "going on" here. Looking forward to 17th January 2007. Thanks for all the hard work you do on this site.

Edna's Place said...

Nice to see your return! And it is OK... We know people get busy with many other things in their world.

It is the main reason I decided to post a date in advance to catch some of our occasional visitors, so they know something is coming. And with the Christmas season, wanted it dated a bit afterwards,time for people to get back to normal schedules.

But we are certainly excited here, so looking forward to sharing on January 17th...