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Monday, January 21, 2008

Lita Hill has died...

Lita Hill, Edna Purviance's grand niece, passed away on Monday morning, January 21, 2008. She was surrounded by her family and friends. She will be greatly missed by all of us who knew her.

- January 22, 2008
(I will have a special page dedicated to Lita in the near future.)

Update January 2010

Video Links
Lita's first job
Lita with a good friend
Behind the scenes with Lita


Edna's Place said...

Lita had been very ill with a rare disease called Scleroderma for many, many years.

Lita was very happy to see the launch of Edna's book on January 13th, and was still planning things, even though she knew her illness was getting worse each day.

I know I lost a very dear friend on Monday, and one I shall never forget... Linda

Anonymous said...

very sad. i was only reading about her this morning - the seagull arrived in one piece - and her initial email to you and your amazement when she showed you the edna stills. the beautiful book must have brought her much joy in the last few days of her life.

Edna's Place said...

Thank-you, Jack (and to all of you who have been writing in). She did love seeing the book, and seeing the release happen. She was looking very much forward to all of this.

Anonymous said...

I only got to meet Lita once, when Linda screened the Purviance documentary at the 2006 Cinecon - she was so gracious, funny and kind. What a blessing to have had her, though her stay was far too short. I'm delighted that she was able to be here for the publication of The Sea Gull, and that it gave her such happiness.....Graceann

Edna's Place said...

Thanks Graceann... It has been hard, even though we all knew, even Lita, that her time was numbered, because of her longtime illness.

I have been thinking about what I will be doing for Lita for the .org site, just going to take sometime to develop.

In the many comments coming in (thanks again, everyone, for them) I read the words you must be proud to have gotten this book released.

Actually, I don't feel that, but just very lucky to even had the chance to do this. And it doesn't feel like an end, as much a beginning, as work on the second book will continue in the coming months, and The Sea Gull will hopefully develop more, as well, as time goes on.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Lita was a dear friend. My husband, Denny & I were fortunate enough to be able to spend many fun times with Mike & Lita while they were in California. We still have one of their beautiful Ficus trees on our back deck. We've always called it "Lita's Tree". We will forever be grateful to have had her in our lives. What a strong, beautiful, talented lady!
Betsey & Denny Stafford