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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Well, it is hard to believe but February is really going by fast!

Sunday is the Oscars! So I will be ready to watch, even though I ready don't know the new stars that well, being a classic film fan. (Wonder if Charlie will show up in a clip, somewhere?) The main reason I watch certain parts anymore.

Today, I shipped off another group of packages, so check your email for information on your orders. Also, we decided to pull the poster off of international sells. We will continue to sell posters in the USA until I find a new way to ship the posters outside the USA. Mailing tubes are not the best thing to send through customs, causing long delays in deliveries. So far, except for a couple of long deliveries, all the books have been going out just fine!

On another front, exciting news on the web today as one of our longtime friends and fans, Garen Ewing, is mentioned for a new UK comic he is working on that includes a group of other talented artist and writers. Of the six new comics mentioned for this new weekly UK comic book called DFC, one of the strips is written by writer Philip Pullman.

We all wish Garen the very best with his brand new comic creation.

(I will place a link on the side to the DFC. The site opens soon...)

Update: Sad news about The DFC. The comic publication has been put up for sale by Random House. If not sold by March 27, 2009, the comic will stop publication at issue #43.

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