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Friday, February 01, 2008

The World of Shipping...

While one of Edna's fans got their book today, their other package mailed earlier might not had fared so well. We are tracking it, but interesting what a package might have to go through. It was their home post office that was hit... Foreign packages were favored by the robbers. (Let's just say, I am learning a lot in this process...)

"Large parts of Sweden's second-biggest city were thrown into chaos Tuesday when armed robbers who raided its main post office set fire to cars, scattered spikes on roads and left suspected bombs to cover their escape.

"We have never before experienced anything as spectacular, where they have tried to hinder the police and create public confusion," Goteborg's police commissioner, Krister Jacobsson, was quoted as saying by the TT news agency.

"Right now we have five or six burned-out cars, five suspicious objects in bags and one armed robbery," Fuxborg said. "It's all being connected. This has been very well planned." - The Associated Press, International Herald Tribune


Other shipping news, I found out United States Postal Services (USPS) uses United Parcel Services (UPS) for their shipping. So if you have a Media Mail package it is actually shipped through UPS, not the USPS. They do the shipping together, with UPS doing the bulk of it. Something the post office doesn't mention. You hand it off to the post office, they use UPS, and post office does the final delivery. Here is a link to check such USPS and UPS packages.


Feb. 22, 2008 - Well, the package I was tracking (a poster to be exact) finally showed up!!! Just in the wrong country! At my mail box! After a series of phone calls, I found out the local post office sold me the wrong size poster tube for international shipping. This was after a longtime chatting with the post office staff, and they assuring me this was the proper tube for mailing overseas. I called that same post office to tell them what happened, and they admitted their staff people were wrong and they wanted to help make it right. I still have the international sells of posters pulled off the market, but since the local post office admitted to their mistake on this one, they are going to help a bit in correcting it. So it wasn't caught up in a robbery, just the US postal system...

At least, no books have had any problems in delivery, and going exactly as it should. Again, thanks to everyone who have written back.

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