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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Grand View employee allowed on property

February 6, 2008 - Judge allows a former employee to gather his possessions and a plan to be presented on how to reopen the park.

"A judge on Wednesday ordered attorneys to escort a former Grand View Memorial Park employee onto the cemetery grounds today so he can collect personal belongings that have been locked up at the site for more than a year.

Burbank resident Richard Beaudoin had been storing a collection of personal items at the site, including his 1963 Chevrolet Corvair convertible, when former cemetery owner Marsha Lee Howard died in November 2006. An evidence-preservation order related to lawsuits now targeting the cemetery has since barred Beaudoin from retrieving his belongings, which he said also include his general equivalency diploma, tools and pictures of his children.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Anthony Mohr ordered attorneys for Howard’s brother Thomas Trimble, who is the administrator of her estate, to escort Beaudoin onto the premises today to collect his possessions.

“Now we’re getting somewhere,” Beaudoin said...

Baum is scheduled to present a plan for how Goldsman could reopen the park for monthly public visitations in court on March 10." - Glendale News

The full article is available for free at the Glendale News site 14 days from February 6, 2008.


Anonymous said...


Edna's Place said...

Just wondering if this is the same person who posted the following comment on a November 2006 post about Grand View:

"I am court ordered to do community service with the City of Glendale Parks and Recreations. The other day we entered what appeared on the surface to be Grandview Cemetery. My first reaction was one of terror and crimanal neglect on the owner of the property. I have never witnessed such a horrific sight. Upon entering what remained of the Moselium I discovered a most ominous, dark and forboding reality. There were bodies stacked up behind a locked steel gate. I looked through to the carnage and spoke the words: "WHAT IN GOD'S NAME HAVE YOU DONE !!!""

See November 6, 2006 post about Grand View.