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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Amazon UK link for the DVD Chaplin Keystone

Amazon UK has the link for the Chaplin Keystone Collection from BFI Video Publishing, up and running. You can currently sign up for an email alert when the collection goes on sale. The BFI PAL edition, are in 2 discs and according to the latest information, does not include outtakes as extras.

UPDATE August 25, 2010 - The USA Flicker Alley release of the 4 DVD set of Chaplin at Keystone will release in Oct. (either on 26th of before). Pre-order special with free shipping on now at Flicker Alley. LINK

The USA version will be released through
FLICKER ALLEY, but it currently doesn't show any Amazon links on the USA site. So we are getting closer to having these being available! I can see lots of these under the tree next some year! (Note - Keystone ASIN: B002EAKWDO)

Checkout FLICKER ALLEY site for bonus clips of several currently release silents films, including the Valentino Collection, J'Accuse and Douglas Fairbanks. Also, check out the BFI site for more about the restoring of the Keystone films.

See comments for more information on this long awaited collection.


Lisa said...

Despite what this may suggest, the DVDs are nowhere close to being finished. I was told by the folks in charge just recently that the only film that would even be available for showing at our CC conference would be "Tillie's Punctured Romance." None of the others would be ready for public viewing at that time. That means, really, that they are essentially starting over from the restored versions Bologna and the BFI have been showing over the last 5 years. It's going to be a while for these, but it should be worth the wait. Lisa

Edna's Place said...

Hi Lisa,
Thanks so very much for writing in Lisa and for the added information. Basically something for people who are really interested to watch, since they write in all the time about them. And it has been delayed several times, already.

As for BFI, it is sounding like they are still very far behind on this. That is very interesting, since BFI is emailing people the films will be release next year. If they are still that far behind, maybe they shouldn't be emailing anyone about any films being ready until they have the DVDs in hand.

I do know the USA ones will be behind the UK releases. So it is beginning to sound like 2011, if they are lucky (or who knows, if they are basically starting over)...

Interesting too on your conference, since they have been advertising showing the Keystone films in the UK and European market for awhile now, including right now at the Austrian Film event.

So if they have nothing for your conference, what have they showing in Europe? If they are real films, just not able to play at the conference?

Just curious, for I had the impression some would be shown.

Again, thanks for you time, Lisa, with it being Christmas time and all.

I posted this so people could at least have somewhere to go to see something real on it, and they can sign up for an email alert. It is going to be great addition to everyone collection. And keeping people aware and interested is important too. I have some people that have wrote in and never knew the Keystones were even being restored.

Very happy Christmas to you and many thanks,