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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Charlie Chaplin's 'White Elephant'

My cartoon pick for the day and it might disappear, since I can't find the copyright on it.

UPDATE: Here is a PDF with more from BFI about this and other Chaplin 'Clones.' I will keep this cartoon up, as long as allowed. Note: BFI is currently working on the DVD collection of the Chaplin Keystone films.


AUTHOR Shawna Kelly said...

This is Charlie Chaplin charming! (Works made before 1923 are public domain, so no worries.)

Wow, the Edna character sure has fun making Charlie "fly" at the end! (He he.)

It would be special if someone would do English captions for this...

wm631 said...

I don't think anyone will (or should really) mind - it's a nice suprise and, anyway, Edna would be delighted. Kudos, Linda, for finding it!! (... and I love the Christmas card and video - somewhere, Willie "Dub" Jones and Clyde McPhatter of the Drifters are chuckling, too)

Edna's Place said...

It was a nice surprise. I had not seen it before. I have read there are a few more of these around, made at about the same time. (1916 is the only date I have seen for it.)

Maybe I can try to do some captions for it.