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Friday, January 22, 2010

New Proof, New Printer, New Sea Gull, New Start

NEW Proof Book arrived this afternoon!
Watch for re-launch in February!
Sorry for the poor picture. My digital cameras are on the blink.

My digital cameras are working poorly, I didn't have the best lighting, it is dark outside and my flashes are useless. But I at least wanted to show you, we did indeed get our new proof book today. We both have to say, we are very pleased with the printing and binding of this book. (Huge worry, but seeing this and the five sample books yesterday, not so much...)

If there is any real difference in this book and our old Sea Gull, it is the inside pages are not the same paper, as before. The new paper is bit more toothier, not as slick feel, giving the images a softer look. The pages are about the same weight, as before, with the cover slightly heavier in weight. The softer paper does give the images a softer and smoother look throughout, but with no signs of printing errors.

With the new personal service and contact we have now, this should work out to be a good relationship. Our new Sea Gull has a brand new and official ISBN number (our old Sea Gull had an ISBN, but because of the printer and many other issues, we couldn't used it, so it was officially canceled by Bowker last week).

The price for this book, may change a bit, but I don't know yet, until I get the final cost in for the first batch of books. I do know shipping cost have gone up, but I can't see this book being more expensive.

I will be ordering our first patch of stock first thing Monday. But, again, with this in mind, a great proof is only a great proof, until you have a box full of them. (Learned that from experience and a very good friend.)

But I am feeling better about this company and we will tell you who it is, once I have my first stock of books in house. It is very tough to find any printers out there who can do what we need, but I can say, it would be hard to find one any bigger in the business, than this one, at this type of printing.

The last printer never contacted us again and left our order unfinished. It looks like they were in the process of shedding people, instead of keeping them. They got over $6000 of Sea Gull orders, but they will not get a dime more.

Our new printer has a special agent assigned to us, with phone, fax and email, all ready to call, when needed. The quality checks is also most impressive, if this proof is an example. But I will be the only one selling the books from Edna' .com site and will wholesale to small bookshops, like our friends in Niles.

So for now, keep checking back for Edna's .com shopping cart to return with Sea Gull books to sale. Looking at the calendar, I am sure it will be in February when we will re-launch The Sea Gull.

P.S. - All you fine folks who bought The Sea Gull before November 2009, you do have a collector's item. This book is great, but not quite the same, but only because of the difference paper used. (Our old book had a slightly glossy paper feel, while the new book pages have a more mat paper feel and look.) But it is the nearest we will ever get to it, at this point.

Fun Facts: The files were sent to the printers Tuesday, Wednesday they were all set by the printers, Thursday they printed, Thursday night they shipped by UPS Next Day Air. Book arrived at our door (in the snow) about 3:30 PM Friday. Smiles on faces, 15 minutes later, after viewing every page! :-)

And Yes! It is still a full color printed book, available worldwide.

Link to Edna's .com site for The Sea Gull

Note: I wrote this pretty quick, so it maybe edited.

Update February 3, 2010 - The Sea Gull book stock is printed and on it's way. Watch for a re-launch date this February.

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