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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Grand View Cemetery Lawsuit Settled

The Los Angeles County Superior Court has finally settled the Grand View lawsuit. The settlement is for $3.8 million dollars, which the law firm handling the case will receive $1.1 million dollars. The rest will be divided to the 2,500 to 3,000 claimants who filed suit.

"Paul Ayers, one of the plaintiff attorneys representing the families, will oversee the restoration efforts, to include obtaining original cemetery records, identifying and storing cremated remains in the mausoleum and installing an irrigation system for rehabilitated landscaping.

With the settlement complete, the long-awaited restoration efforts should begin soon, Ayers said.

“For most of the families, it’s not the compensation,” Ayers said. “They want to see the cemetery normalized.”" - Burbank Leader, March 10, 2010

As for Edna Purviance, and the fans who voiced here, they wanted Edna out of Grand View, Lita Hill (Edna's grand niece) was trying to remove Edna in the fall of 2007, to take to another cemetery. She was in the process of doing so, when the attorney involved decided against it, on the grounds of Edna being "a celebrity" and "cult" figure.

I will say, Lita was very serious in doing it and followed all the steps in doing so, but was told, afterwards, it could have lead to lawsuits toward her, from people (not related to Edna) not wanting Edna out of Grand View.

So for all the fans, who wanted Edna out of Grand View, Lita did try, she really did. Lita's wish was an memorial for herself, Edna and her father, Morgan (Lita's father). That didn't happen.

Hopefully, Grand View will be on the road to being restored, and a caring buyer will be found. That will be the next step. So this story is not over, just beginning a new chapter.

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