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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Oops... A little crossed up with Will Shortz

Oops... I guess you could say for Will Shortz, the popular New York Times crossword puzzle expert, who appears on NPR each Sunday morning. During a recent interview, when asked what words are deleted and just not "crossword eligible" anymore, Will was quoted as saying:

"TC: I know you try to add words and new lingo, but are there also words you find you have to delete…just information that’s no longer “crossword eligible?”

WS: Absolutely, lots of answers for that. First of all there are names that used to be common in crosswords that are being phased out or eliminated all together.

Like “Charlie Chaplin’s daughter who married Eugene O’Neill,” her name is Oona, used to be very common in crosswords.

Now a days it’s a sign of desperation." - The Chronicle

Oops... Just got his 'words' and 'people' a bit crossed up, you could say. And for those who don't know, Oona was Eugene O'Neill's daughter and she married Charlie Chaplin. On the other hand, a bit sad, to think people just don't know that anymore.

For the full interview from The Chronicle, see this link. Will Shortz can be heard on NPR every Sunday morning with a special puzzle of the week.

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