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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Birthday Events for Edna in October

Edna Purviance is being remembered this October on four fronts and more...

First: I am having my Edna Purviance October Surprise Event, for all our Edna online fans from around the world. See this LINK for details.

Second: Michael Bonham, in Niles, has been working on getting an Edna Purviance Birthday Event going at the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum in Fremont, California. They will have a showing of three Edna films, Sunday afternoon, on October 17th. Check this LINK for coming events for more details.

Third: A special Nevada gathering is happening for a group of Edna fans in her home state. It is a quieter affair, for Edna's 115th birthday. Longtime Edna Purviance fan, David Toll, will be leading this event in Nevada, coming in October.

Fourth: Fifteen reproduced prints from Edna's own photos (Leading Ladies - Hill Family Memorabilia), were sent to be part of the Charlie Chaplin and American Culture exhibit, at the Zanesville Museum of Art. The show runs from October 2nd - December 4th. Also, a video presentation on Edna called 'Angel from Nevada.' This 60 minute program will be shown during the Charlie Chaplin International Conference. Check this LINK for more details. (More about the video is at this LINK)

And finally, Edna Purviance films are being shown at different locations, including ones as part of the Charlie Chaplin 35MM Tour. See this LINK for more on the films and locations.

So a lot going on for Edna Purviance, this October 2010!


Anonymous said...

How WONDERFUL!!! Makes me wish I lived over there

Edna's Place said...

Just keep working toward your goal. I think that is exciting.

Good to read on the web the Sydney silent film event appears to be going well too.