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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Arthur Honegger's Napoleon Suite

There has been much writing about the original music score for Abel Gance's Napoleon. Having a strong interest in music, and having studied and performed, I can easily be on the side of French composer, Arthur Honegger, when it has been said, he hated this film. The main reason he probably came to hate it, was the fact Gance's kept re-editing the film, clear up to the night it was premiered. For a composer, that is a nightmare.

This is said to be the only remaining score that exists from that original release. I have read different opinions about it too, but I don't go by other peoples opinions, but how it speaks to me, as a listener. And I must say, I really enjoyed this. I'm looking forward to finding it to add to my collection of classical music.

(This is a recording by the CSR Symphony Orchestra.)

Not seeing any of the film versions, I have read, not much of this is in the current Carl Davis score, but only a touch. If you have seen the film, or have Carl Davis's Napoleon CD, you can hear what parts.

For those going to NAPOLEON in London on November 30th, I thought you like to listen to this score, as well.

Also, here is a good article about the background of this score and the music of Napoleon. (From the Moldehauer Archives at the Library of Congress.)

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