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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

NOT EDNA PURVIANCE but Margie Reiger

Another, not Edna Purviance image today, as I saw this on an eBay listing for Red Letter Postcards. The actress in this photo with Charlie Chaplin is Margie Reiger. The film is 'By the Sea' from Essanay in 1915.

Reiger has been mistaken for Edna Purviance before, but she clearly doesn't have the same face features as Edna. I do think people just look at the hair, and if it looks similar, and they are standing by Chaplin, it must be Edna. I wrote the seller in hopes they will correct the error. If you see someone using this image as Edna, please point them to this link. Thanks, LW, ednapurviance.org

Charlie Chaplin and Margie Reiger in 'By the Sea' (1915) Essanay

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