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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Chaplin Airlines - Sydney Chaplin

Nov. 24th - Happy Thanksgiving to the US! Edna enters her fifth year on the web, starting November 25th. I am currently updating pages for her fifth year, with some information not shared on the site before. Some of you may already know about Chaplin Airlines. This short lived adventure of Sydney Chaplin lasted pretty much during 1919. This was during the time Charlie Chaplin was working on 'The Kid'. Sydney was doing other things in business too. He even had a short run being Edna Purviance's agent, as the actual contract is still in the Edna Purviance Collection at BFI.

As Edna enters her fifth year, we plan to have new sections. The Chaplin Library will also continue to grow. Thanks to everyone returning over the years and to the new visitors as well!


Chris Lee said...

A belated "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY" to you from sunny Seattle. May you have many more "5 year anniversaries"!! Take care....

Edna's Place said...

Thanks Chris! You think I would have done something really special, well I am, by spending the time working on the book on her. We are coming along... But I will think of something for the site... Check back in and I will see what I can do... - Linda (Sunny Seattle? Well, you know it was sunny most times I have been there.)

Mark said...


Your Edna site rules!! What a goldmine of info and facts about that sweet girl from Lovelock. Keep up the great work and congrats on 5 great years!!