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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Question and Film for the Week

For my film and question for the week, I decided to pick a film Chaplin started working on in November 1918 and didn't release until June 1919. 'Sunnyside' is not thought to be his best work, but I find it to be a favorite to watch. Mainly, I enjoy the scenes of Edna and Charlie, but also the hotel scenes with Charlie's version of 'housekeeping'. I have many thoughts on this film, but the scenes of Charlie trying to impress Edna, after he see her with the 'city fellow' are quite moving. If you have not seen it, I won't say more here.

When watching 'Sunnyside' I found a question to ask this week. In one of the scenes, Edna goes to the hotel store to buy something, but when asked what, she can't remember. 'What reminds Edna what she came to the store to buy?'

Like before, you can comment or email your answer. And yes, the answer was 'Shoulder Arms' for last weeks question. Thanks for writing in your responses! New Question Nov. 13th.


Garen said...

Shows how long I've been without watching a Chaplin film - I couldn't answer last week's and I can't answer this week's. I think she goes away with some socks... this is awful. Must watch some Chaplin films!

Edna's Place said...

Hi Garen,
That would be good, but in your case, you are excused. I know how busy you are 'finding and growing orchids'.; )

Besides, you are in 'Edna/Charlie's hall of fame'already and will always be.

And she does do as you say. I will have an answer next week, so thanks for stopping by!- Linda : )

Anonymous said...

I think it is socks in Sunnyside. This film isn't anywhere near as bad as the critics suggest. Can you remember what Edna goes to buy in the shop in the deleted sequence with Charlie and Albert Austin?

Edna's Place said...

Hi! I agree that Sunnyside is better than most critics place it. In fact, when I show Chaplin films to people who don't know anything about silent films, that is the one they response quite well too.

As for the question, yes, she does do as you say, just looking for what cause her to remember what she came to the store for. I will place the answer up early next week.

As for your question, I don't know right off, and will have to look it up.

Thanks for visiting! And check out the little video piece about the Keystones restored and BBC Radio 2 for the coming Chaplin documentary... - Linda

Mark said...

Is it the smell of the bad cheese that reminds Edna she came to buy socks? As soon as Charlie takes a whiff she smiles and remembers.


Edna's Place said...

Hi Mark,
Thanks for visiting and for your guess Mark. Answer and new question sometime Sunday... - Linda

Edna's Place said...

Good Job, Mark! You got the question right! It was the smell of the cheese. Thanks to all that answered this week!
- Linda