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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Question & Film for the Week

Nov. 13th, 2005 - Last week I asked, 'What reminds Edna what she came to the store to buy?' Check out Mark's answer under comments on last week's. He got it right! Thanks for all the answers! Anyone was excellent in remembering socks as what she bought...

This week I decided to pick a film to put the summer mood back in place with time at the park or golf course, as Charlie tries his talent. The film is 'The Idle Class'. Created after 'The Kid', it is one of the forgotten films under the Kid's shadow. Edna plays Charlie's wife, or I should say the wife to the husband, as Chaplin plays two roles: The Tramp and the wealthy, but drunk, husband. While Chaplin personally didn't like golf, Edna did like horseback riding. She was very good and spent many days riding her own horse during her Lovelock, Nevada years.

For the question this week, you will not find it in a film, but on Edna's site! In 'The Idle Class', Edna gets to dress up for a masque ball. During Edna's years in Lovelock, 'What masque ball did the family attend as a tradition?' If you don't know, the answer is on the site. As before, leave your answer at comment or email to me on Edna's website contact page. Thanks for all your responses last week and thanks for visiting!


Anonymous said...

I think the answer is the Lovelock Annual Mask Ball held every New Year's Eve. It must have been a wonderful event. I bet Edna enjoyed it.

Edna's Place said...

Thanks, Anonymous! She did enjoy dancing very much! - L

Mark said...

The Lovelock Annual Mask Ball with Bessie on piano

Edna's Place said...

Hi Mark,
Thanks for visiting! Bessie was quite known in that part of Nevada for her piano playing and asked to play at many events over the years... - L