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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Question & Film- Week Nov. 20th

Nov. 20th- Everyone who answered last week's question got it right! The Lovelock New Year's Eve Annual Masque Ball.This ball was very popular with all the families. Thanks for reading about this on Edna!

This week is Thanksgiving in America, so I wish a Happy Holiday to you! For the question this week, I decided to pick a short film, with people busy with the US holiday and the Christmas holiday season starts in full swing very soon everywhere. In all the films Edna made with Chaplin, there were no films they made together with a holiday scene. In fact, except in 'The Gold Rush', Chaplin does not refer to any holidays. He mentions Christmas in 'Limelight', but that is it. So I will go back to one of Edna's earliest works, a film I have been watching recently. It is 'In the Park'. Filmed in the San Francisco Bay area in March 1915, it was Edna's third film and when she really started to shine on camera. It is a perfect example of Chaplin's claim that all he needed for a film was a park, a policeman and a pretty girl. The pretty girl was Edna. In Edna's scenes with Charlie, Charlie falls over something, 'What does he fall over?' Follow-up question next week about that scene. Until than, Happy Thanksgiving to the USA!

Also don't forget to listen for the Chaplin Documentary on the BBC Radio 2 coming soon, details below. And this holiday weekend you can catch Robert Downey Jr. latest work in 'Good Night, Good Luck'. If you like to get a taste of the McCarthy era and early 1950's USA network news, this film really shows it...


Mark said...

I think he falls over a tree limb.

Edna's Place said...

Hi Mark!
Well, I do remember Charlie falling over a tree limb... ; )

Happy Thanksgiving!