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Friday, July 14, 2006

Edna's Video Done!

Finally finished the video last evening for the Hollywood event at Cinecon Labor Day Weekend. Except for a few test viewings on different players and some touch ups here and there, it is finished. I will be placing up new video title information and a special announcement on Edna's site soon.

We have heard from Cinecon this morning and the exact time is being finalized at this time. It will be on the weekend, leaning toward Saturday, but will keep you posted.

(The video we originally showed in May to Cinecon is going to be the full interview version, while this new video is a somewhat edited down interview to fit in the new information and introduction on Edna. It is 56 minutes long. This new version was created with a more general audience in mind, who may know nothing on Edna. It includes items never released about Edna and a few things known by longtime fans.)


Anonymous said...

Linda - I eagarly await the general release of the documentary on Edna. Just like Kevin Brownlow in the '60's, your direct contact with the Hills - and your other scholarly work - have helped rescue a priceless legacy of silent film that would have otherwise been lost to history.

Edna's Place said...

Thanks Paul,
We actually have two different versions of the DVD at this point.

The first one is the interview I did with Lita Hill that we previewed in Hollywood for Cinecon in May.

The second DVD I have been working on this summer is the re-edited version of the Interview.

The latest DVD has a special 10+ minute silent section about Edna's life and her films.

This was to make the video more suitable for a general audience who know little to nothing about Edna.

Most of the latest video (Angel from Nevada) is still the interview with Lita Hill, her grand niece, but it is about 12 minutes shorter to make room for the new section.

We will be keeping both versions of the video. The first being called 'The Lita Hill Interview' and the second DVD 'The Angel from Nevada'.

We will let fans know more as we continue on this project. Thanks for your support!